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Xivio, developed by Xivio.com, is a 3D free-to-play community-based massively multiplayer online game intended for kids. Designing your own characters, claiming dwellings, interacting with buddies, collecting items or playing mini-games, whatever you are up to, in this virtual world of Xivio, you can get your way. Beautiful graphics, soft music effects and glamorous body movements of characters make climaxes coming one after another while you log in.

Think yourself a cool guy? Then hesitate no more to get everybody carried away by your charm here in Xivio. In this virtual world, you will only look hotter, with the aide of terrific outfit collections that define fashion trends. You will make a difference to your appearance if get them properly handled. Creativity of course is the most useful tool to spruce yourself up and to glitter among peers!

Always thinking about having a self-contained house to yourself ? The answer again lies here. With various sets of furniture, home decorates, even building materials available, you can start on the project instantly and get a comfortably furnished home very soon.

A few collecting, trading, and even gaming efforts are needed to get all the necessary materials. Even if you are observant enough, you couldn’t possibly found out every item that you need for building or improving your houses. From time to time you may be in a position to make some tradeoffs and get access to fancy stuffs owned by others. And at other times you may feel crunched and want to engage in games to get hard cash to buy things directly. In this way, the fun is linked together coherently.

Chatting with people, familiar or strange, would be common-place in this interactive virtual community. Socializing can be a hard task for some in reality, but never a problem here in Xivio. For players here are all friendly and nice. And moreover you can bypass those who you don’t like and hangout only with confidents or buddies. Inviting them over then to your newly-built house and have a blast!


Though Xivio is fictional, the 3D effects are for real. Life-like characters, stunning body movements and other special effects make this virtual world like no others.

Designing characters and houses can be an exhilarating thing for kids as they can splash out their creativities without any discouraging comments from adults or peers. Here in Xivio, uniqueness equals to fashion.

Haven’t got enough fun by simply tapping on the keyboard? Xivio allows you to have audio chat, sharevideos clips, music, and movies with friends, making the socializing experience far more realistic.

Hangout here at Xivio and you will be given the full run of the game!

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  1. I play Xivio, it is very fun and cool! Sign up today!


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