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Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  Bubble Gum Interactive
  • Developer:  Bubble Gum Interactive
  • Genre:  Kids / Virtual Universe
  • Rating Score

The world’s first virtual universe for kids launches in the second half of 2011!

Play training games to learn how to use your Jet Pack, Bubble Blaster and Star Jet and become a fully-fledged Space Hero. Team up with friends for an adventure that’s out of this world!

Little Space Heroes is an upcoming virtual universe in which you create your own character and explore a galaxy full of fun and adventure. The beta will be unveiled in the second half of 2011.

Unlike pretty much every other kids virtual world that we’ve seen, Little Space Heroes allows you to create your very own Space Hero and explore a galaxy full of different planets rather than stick to just one land or world. Players can undertake quests and missions, make new friends, team up for group-based play or just play explore the galaxy themselves. The game is all about personalisation, adventure, mystery, discovery and good ol’ fashioned fun.

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“We’ve just pushed live a prelaunch website that gives a bit more of an overview of Little Space Heroes and has a four free browser mini-games on it. There’s also a video and more info about the upcoming beta. We’re pretty excited to say the least as we think we’re creating something that will be truly amazing for kids and families. We’re also pleased that we’re doing this out of our home downunder in Sydney, Australia.”

The beta testers needed!

By becoming a beta tester you’ll be among the first kids in the world to play Little Space Heroes! You’ll help us make improvements to the game before its open for everyone else to play.

Beta means the game isn’t finished so there might be some quirks and bugs along the way as well as occasional lag and periodic downtime. We may also need to make changes to accounts during the beta as we continue to tweak the game.

Playing the beta is completely free. Once the beta finishes you will not have to create a new account. You’ll be able to start playing the full version of the game once it launches.

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