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  • Release Date:  2008
  • Publisher:  Fantage ℠ Fantage Inc.
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Virtual World
  • Rating Score

Fantage, a free virtual world from Fantage.com Incorporation, is a free-to-play 3D massively multiplayer online virtual game for kids aged 12 -16. The game simulates the community life in the unforeseeable future, when science and technology will know no bounds and anything we consider crazy nowadays will then be taken for granted. Players can therefore do anything they want at any time and any location. This is a virtual world that gamers rein!

What greets players as they log in is the fantastic interface dominated by various bubbly and trendy characters. The visual effects, achieved through warm setting, well-crafted cartoon sceneries, candy-colored items, are designed to make gamers feel as refreshed and relaxed as possible. Every item ranging from houses, playgrounds, hills, castles to meadows all have round contours and radiant colors, and players will find each in its cutest fashion.

It’s like a real fantasy world festooned with balloons and lights, where players tailor-make cool characters most fitting in the festivity. The avatars can appear in different fashion styles and there is never a criteria set for choices. As long as players get fun, their characters can have street cred in the most exaggerated way all the way down from head to toes. So many options of hairstyles, costumes, accessories are at the disposal of players in the game.

Of course players can fly their imagination as far as possible in this fictional world, and lend themselves to the most crazy ideas which can never been thought about in real life, including the way they move. In Fantage, characters don’t walk; instead they take the helm of the state-of-art technology and fly around across the community on hoverboard, a kind of speedy transportation that haven’t its like in the real world.

In the social network of the game, players can either choose to talk personally with their confidents without being interrupted, or they can choose to join a group conversation at any place, even text-messaging fellows while playing.

Gameplay is never a problem in Fantage. Tournaments, specially-designed games successfully combine reality with fantasy and give gamers a play experience, which, though rooted in real life, is anyway filled with exotic elements.


The cutest and most beautiful graphics of the game are ready to take your breath away the moment you press “start”, and will surely keep you in a good mood during the whole playing experience.

You are the rules here in Fantage, and can create avatars, storylines, activities the way delights you the most.

In Fantage, chatting and communicating is safe with the support of filtering systems, so parents can have our words and rest assured that their kids will not influenced by others in a bad way.

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12 Comments on Fantage


  1. The age group is not 12-16, it’s 7-14!

  2. I’m on Fantage Europe! Only, I came looking for cheats and I can’t find any on this page…. xD

    Fantage is awesome!

    ….. How’d you level up? xD

  3. u lvl up whith getting bages

  4. organic foods are strangely shaped xD

    I am from europe and i cant have a fantage account it will only let me have fantage europe im happy with it i am a member due to winning a compotition but i rlly want a plain fantage account not fantage europe fantage plzzzz help!!!

  5. Yes , I Love fantage but its not the best! im a real member and i have lods of mony im called saphire plz add me

  6. How do you go in and sign up on Fantage Europe? Please help me!

  7. HELPPPP how do u join fantage europe??? even tho ur not from europe?? this girl is from usa and she has a fantage europe and a fantage japan HELLLPPPP and Btw im sana831 frm fantage <3

  8. lol i kno right xD

  9. Can someone plz make a fantage europe account for me?


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