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Free 3D virtual world games allow players to stay in a virtual house or room in a peacful, romantic, educational, manner. For kids, teens and young children who are looking to find fun with their friends, then onlin virtual world game is the best spot to master knowledge, created 3D avatar, socialize with ingame characters.

Little Space Heroes

Posted on  May 25,2011  05:05 , by EDWARD WONG

The world’s first virtual universe for kids launches in the second half of 2011! Play training games to learn how to use your Jet Pack, Bubble Blaster and Star Jet and become a fully-fledged Space Hero. Team up with friends for an adventure that’s out of this world! Little Space Heroes is an upcoming virtual [...]



Posted on  Dec 24,2010  08:12 , by EDWARD WONG

Rinksters is a free virtual world set in the hockey-themed fun environment where kids can share fun with each other in an educational manner. Like all other virtual community games, Rinksters also allows players to customize their own avatar, play games, build trading cards, collect coinage, chat with buddies, and skate through an ice-covered world. [...]



Posted on  Nov 19,2010  02:11 , by EDWARD WONG

Five days a week, eight hours a day, with horse-faced teachers, geek-like school fellows, and timeworn curriculums, isn’t that enough to make your kid crestfallen all day long or even, in long terms, totally kill their passion for new stuffs at a young age? Wouldn’t you allow them some fresh air after so suffocating a [...]


Jamia online

Posted on  Oct 13,2010  03:10 , by EDWARD WONG

Jamia online is a new social virtual world game for teens and children. In Jamia Online,  you can create your avatar, meet your friends and play multiplayer games with them or do quests. Decorate your own virtual world apartment and join a fan club or dress your fashionable avatar. Like virtual world games such as [...]


Supermarket Mania

Posted on  Sep 13,2010  04:09 , by EDWARD WONG

As business-keeping titles taking precedence step by step in the social gaming world, you may have got quite familiar with all the nuts and bolts of running a restaurant, a club or a fashion store. However, managing a supermarket is a whole new story which requires some other qualities you may very well lack of. [...]



Posted on  Sep 8,2010  02:09 , by Alex

DinoSawUs is a virtual prehistoric game world for kids aged between 6 and 11. In DinoSawUs, Players can explore the fun areas that make up DinoSawUs, go on adventures, communicate with other players, and play individual or head-to-head games, all in an environment that’s completely safe. DinoSawUs is a fun, interactive and educational online virtual [...]



Posted on  Sep 6,2010  01:09 , by Alex

Small World is a free online virtual world where you can create your 3D avatar and you own space, go to pvp gaming, train your lovely and adorable pets. The game is designed based on the virtual currency mode by which you can buy some cool stuff in the game, like some magical items and [...]


Hello Kitty Online

Posted on  Sep 1,2010  06:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Hi, my dear friends, do you miss that lovely little Kitty, who always wears a cute red bowknot on her left ear? Do you want to take adventures with her? Now, a MMO game Hello Kitty Online (HKO), developed by Sanrio Digital, together with Typhoon Games, would give you a minute free from chaos, and [...]


Cubicos Tale

Posted on  Aug 23,2010  02:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Detach yourself to everyday life and dive into the colorful world of Kolorito. In the role of a successful painter you produce your own colors and finished with unique art. In the colorful world Kolorito a great misfortune has happened: Ernesto, an evil and untalented painter who has stolen the magical images of the inhabitants [...]



Posted on  Aug 11,2010  02:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Become a Superhero at – a fun, educational and safe virtual world where kids create their own Superhero, play games, and learn amazing facts about real cities and cultures. Herotopia is a fun-filled, safe online virtual gaming world – modeled on our real world – where Superkids become Superheroes. Children practice global heroship, learn [...]


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