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Ghost Watch

Posted on  Nov 22,2010  02:11 , by EDWARD WONG

Experience the exciting adventure by combining your card units or hero squad, collect the cards including Creature cards, manic cards, equipment cards, spell cards and cards of various nature… The free trading card game Ghost Watch is a Korean MMORPG that feature strategy and turn-based battle, which is similar to Ndoors’ free to play fantasy [...]


CardMon Hero

Posted on  Nov 19,2010  02:11 , by EDWARD WONG

For days, alarm sirens have been hovering around in town. Folks all scurry about like ducks in a thunder storm. Squabbles and brawls are everywhere to see on the street. Aren’t all these eye sores terribly familiar? Oh, my Gosh! Don’t tell me it is the pitch-dark age all over again… Well, hate to break [...]


Get7 Online

Posted on  Sep 8,2010  02:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Get7 Online is a turn-based online card game (Online TCG) based on the popular Asian card game GoStop. You have the opportunity to meet up with an opponent in a round or play against the computer (NPC). A lap at Get 7 online game consists of ten trains that are running fast. The goal is [...]


Lands and Legends

Posted on  Jul 18,2010  01:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Lands and Legends is a free to play online Collectable Card Game (Online TCG) for Facebook platform. At the moment, Lands of Legends only has 1 world open to FB fans. Your goal is to restore order to this war-torn land, of course you are the legend of the game world. In the world of [...]


Magic: The Gathering – Tactics

Posted on  Jun 28,2010  07:06 , by EDWARD WONG

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics brings the popular trading card game to the PC and Playstation 3 with a 3D, turn-based, online multiplayer environment, where players take the role of a Planeswalker, a powerful mage that can command powerful spells and creatures. All five colors of magic will be available for players along with a [...]


REN the Celestial Tournament

Posted on  Jun 6,2010  03:06 , by EDWARD WONG

REN is a free to play massively multiplayer online trading card game. To play, you only need your web browser and you need to pay… nothing since it is a free-to-play. Created by a French video game developer studio Morphee Interactive, it is a simple but rich casual game. 2) Game Features When a player [...]


Camon Hero

Posted on  May 29,2010  03:05 , by EDWARD WONG

Camon Hero, also known as Orka, developed by T3 Entertainment and published by Uforia, is a 3D fast-paced free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG with trading card elements. In Camon Hero, players cast themselves as the saviors of Aria and embark on their glorious journey looking for assistance in fights against demons and evils. What makes Camon Hero [...]


Bright Shadow

Posted on  Apr 29,2010  03:04 , by EDWARD WONG

Bright Shadow is a free-to-play Massively multiplayer online RPG game developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment. The project of Bright Shadow is lead by renowned producer Ping-Hung Kuo. With an option of purchasable shopping mall items, distinguished by lovely, cartoon-themed and anime characters and novel umbra creatures, Bright Shadow takes place in a ghostly world swarming [...]


Urban Rivals

Posted on  Apr 21,2010  01:04 , by EDWARD WONG

Urban Rivals is a massively multiplayer online trading card game, the abbreviation of Online TCG. One of distinctive features is the unique PVP System allowing you role play as a Card that represents a character to fight. At the very beginning of Urban Rival, there is a mini tutorial guiding you how to play this [...]


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War of Legends

War of Legends

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War 2 Glory

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