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TITLE TOWN FOOTBALL is a premier fantasy football social gaming experience on Facebook. With impressive graphics and sweet music, Title Town Football Game follows the path of social gaming while offering football simulation experience. In TTF, you can build and improve team facilities and grow your franchise. Train and coach a roster of real players (Facebook Users as your service players).

Initially, you will be walked through the game by doing some missions, and the click-away mode lets you complete some mission without any problems, but if you just do it, you will be finally lost in the game. The problem is you cannot find a FAQ help or manual in the game, which is a pity for new players.

The developers said Title Town Football offers an exhilarating football experience for gamers of all ages and it combines the addictive features of social gaming with the competitive spirit of fantasy football.

This is a fun, adictive, creative, original facebook game. The guys at Gasworks Games have really come up with a winner. From the moment you name your team you are in charge of a football franchise.

Title Town Football puts fans in the front office of their own team, where they can improve facilities, sign and manage a roster of real players, and watch their franchise value skyrocket.

Live the Life: Bring in fans and revenue as you perform the daily duties of a football exec, from public appearances to push-ups with your star defensive end.

Improve Facilities: Boost your franchise value and attract premium free agents by upgrading your Stadium, Training Facility, Front Office, and more.

Manage Superstars: Keep an eye on your salary cap as you sign real-life players to your team roster, then decide who starts and who sits on game day.

Purchase Exempt Contracts: Sign heavy hitters to exempt contracts. Keep high-salary
players from counting against your salary cap, and get a leg up on the competition.

Show Off: Force your friends to recognize the real boss when you crush them on Sundays, earn a huge fan following, and turn your run-down compound into a world-class athletic facility.

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  1. do you get to actually play a football game?

    • no its based how your playes do in the actual nfl games, but u can kick feild goals in feild goal frenzy to earn money

  2. yes and no the game plays the game for depending on how good your players are and to get better players u must upgrade your score board,field/turf,parking lot,training and manager areas, team sign and something else

  3. How do i even get my team playing??

  4. I have a glitch if u go to the training place there is a red bottom push it and u will figure out what happens

  5. But Dose any one now a glitch

  6. How do I increase my salary cap? How do I trade, or cut players from my roster?


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