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HowZat is a free online multiplayer action cricket game with social elements. Developed by Game Ventures, HowZat offers realistic Cricket simulation experience with optional items purchashable from time to time to enhance your game play, such as the ability to play longer matches, etc.

Howzat is the World’s Social Cricket Game and is free to play, which is a new type of social game – one that combines real sports actions with managerial ability and a chance to compete with your peers.

Your players all have limited stamina, and energy. If you run out of energy points, you can’t play more games until they recharge. Each game takes 3 energy points from your team. You can have a maximum of 12 energy points with you, and you energy points recharge at the rate of 2 points every hour. So, if you run out of points, you can come back 2 hours later to play another game! Alternatively, you can buy energy points to quickly boost your player’s stamina. If you are level 10 or below, you can exchange 100 Cash for 1 energy point. Above level 10, you can exchange 1 coin for 2 energy points.

When you click on ’Manage Team’ on the top bar, you are presented with some options. ’Manage Squad’ lets you make lineup changes, batting order, and composition of your side. ’Team Settings’ lets you change your player kit and player appearance. Some of the main features of the new ’manage team’ page are:

a) Ability to change batting order of side before you start playing
b) Change composition of your side
c) Squad management – you now have 22 players, with bench capabilities. The slots for bench players open up as you level up more within Howzat, or if you choose to open up player slots by exchanging slots for coins.
d) Players can either be Permanent or Temporary. Temporary player contracts can be purchased for a duration of 1 day or 1 week. At the end of the temporary player’s term, users will have one day to renew their contracts. Alternatively, you can remove temporary players from your team.
e) At all times, a squad can only have 11 permanent players. Also, you will always have a team of 11 permanent players irrespective of whether you bought new player contracts.

Timing & Shot Selection is everything!

You may use every little cricketing trick in the book to outplay your opponent. When batting, Timing and Shot selection are the most important factors determining how your batsman will perform.

Let your batsmen improve by winning points!

Once you’ve accumulated Points through your wins, or by inviting friends to play, head over to the Manage team page to make your batsmen better. Their shots will now be hit harder and go further!

Plan out your batting order

When a batsman you control gets out, the popup window gives you a chance to change your batting order.

Bowl to your field!

The most important thing you need to know about bowling is that you should always bowl to your field. You can choose your field setting at the beginning of each over.

Trick the batsman by mixing it up

Use the Bowling meter to your advantage. Our innovative meter melds Speed with Swing/Spin into one package, remember to mix it up.

Try new bowling strategies

In the 5 over game, each player can only bowl one over. Change your default bowlers at the end of the over and develop new strategies. In the shorter game, anything is possible – try an off spinner to open your bowling!

No points = Bad team! Use points wisely.

You can only go so far playing the game and not upgrading your players. Each time you win a match (and sometimes even when you lose!), you’re awarded some Points. You can use these Points to upgrade individuals in your team to become better players.

Adjust skill sets strategically

Each player (except the Wicketkeeper) has two separate skill sets, based on their role in the team, specifically, Batting and Bowling.

Try new bowling strategies

Each Team is composed of a mixture of Batsmen, Bowlers, All Rounders (Max 2) and a Wicketkeeper. Restrictions are set on how good a bowler your batsman can become – to keep things realistic!

Customize players to add depth to your team

On the Manage team page, you can click on individual players to add points to them, or just change other attributes like their name or playing style.

System Requirements

* CPU with at-least 1.2Ghz of Processing Power, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX.
* Audio Card for Sounds
* Adobe Flash 10 Player in Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)
* An Internet connection 64kbps speed or higher (For optimal download times)

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