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Posted on  Jan 10,2011  10:01 , by EDWARD WONG

Make your athletic talent on the virtual golf course. You play together with friends and international players. Show what a golf professional in you. Take your golf club in your control and introduce yourself to the sports challenge. In free online MMO Golf Game onGOLF offers the course to professionals and amateur golfers, as well [...]


Kicker Star

Posted on  Sep 24,2010  01:09 , by EDWARD WONG

A Cartoony football manager with comic graphics and realistic feel. Captivating and intriguing online football/soccer manger simulation Kicker Star lives up to your high expectations. Kicker Star is a very latest browser-based game from Playa Games behind “Shakes and Fidget” and “Blood game”. Kicker Star the game is a series of football management simulation games [...]


Madden NFL Superstars

Posted on  Sep 21,2010  11:09 , by EDWARD WONG

It’s almost a sure thing that Electronic Arts, the sports game giant who has for long held the sway in video game world, is gonna score again on Facebook, one of the most crowded online social stage. The concept actually rings much bell, with National Football League stars still under the spotlight. However, the gaming [...]


Ultimate Fan

Posted on  Sep 11,2010  07:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Consider yourself a fervent fan of football? Then will you drive like forever only to catch a game where your favorite team or players are supposed to show up? Or will you glue to the TV screen for hours just to keep track of the latest football news? Is it also easy for you to [...]


Manager Mania

Posted on  Sep 10,2010  01:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Manager-Mania is a massive multi-player online sports game where players are given total managerial control of a virtual football (soccer) team. Your task is to bring to your fantasy football club to glory. During your career as a manager you will play against many teams from around the world. As your career develops, you may [...]



Posted on  Sep 3,2010  01:09 , by EDWARD WONG

TITLE TOWN FOOTBALL is a premier fantasy football social gaming experience on Facebook. With impressive graphics and sweet music, Title Town Football Game follows the path of social gaming while offering football simulation experience. In TTF, you can build and improve team facilities and grow your franchise. Train and coach a roster of real players [...]


ViVa Football

Posted on  Aug 5,2010  09:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Viva Football is a new social football/soccer manager simulation on Facebook with live interactive game leagues and elaborate system. Experience real fun and play football against thousands of other team managers, Customize virtual stuff and avarta, Train and equip your Team with powerful items on your path to glory. Tactics, training and negotiation, as a [...]


Xkick online

Posted on  Jul 29,2010  03:07 , by EDWARD WONG

X-Kick Online is a 3D MMO Sports game. Only through different tactics (such as various ways of passing ball and adjusting football surface harness) and strong teamwork players can win the match.The game gives players extensive options to personalize and design their characters to make them stand out. Matches can be conducted in 5vs5 or [...]


Basket Dudes

Posted on  Jul 29,2010  07:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Basket Dudes is a free to play basketball MMO simulation game developed by Spanish MMO developer Bitoon. In Basket Dudes users will have the opportunity to create their own clubs, select their teams among more than 30 players with different characteristics and styles of playing and customize their own court. Through an online community they [...]


Club Galactik

Posted on  Jul 19,2010  03:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Club Galactik is a virtual world and MMO game based on the most popular sport in the galaxy, Galactik Football! Enroll in Club Galactik, the academy that trains the best Galactik Football talent in the galaxy today! Choose and create your own Galactik Football player and share this adventure with all your friends from around [...]


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