Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz
  • Release Date:  2010/12
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Popcap
  • Genre:  
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The gods have seen fit to grant you a premonition-like peek at the new hotness you’ll soon be playing. Gaze in wonder and wipe the drool off of your chin as your mouth waters with anticipation! The gods are appeased…for now. “LIKE” Zuma Blitz to be among the next group of adventurers let into the jungle!

Are you ready for the hottest minute on Facebook? Challenge your friends in Zuma Blitz, a blazing-fast new game from the makers of Bejeweled Blitz.

Take on your Facebook friends as you blast balls from your fearless frog. Race the clock and destroy the chain of balls before you’re devoured by the golden skull (angry skull gods love frog legs). Master trick shots to score big, earn extra time, and leap up the leaderboard. Work your mojo to gain experience points and unlock explosive new power-ups.

I’ve only played for an hour, reached level 5. All I can say is PopCap has another winner on their hands. This Could be the new “Bejeweled Blitz”

The PopCap’s New Facebook game Zuma Blitz may be a highly addicting game if they are not targeting this game on purely purchasing idols and mojo with FB credits.

Release the Hot Frog!

Match balls fast enough and you’ll release the awesome power of the Hot Frog as your fearless amphibian channels mystical spirits and becomes a fire-breathing toad of destruction.
Treasures of the hidden Temple!

Gain Experience Points to unlock the Temple and get access to the mythical and mighty weapons inside.
New adventures every week!

Explore new reaches of the jungle and blast your way through new challenges with different game boards each week.

Other awesome stuff!

Seriously, there’s so much cool new stuff in Zuma Blitz we could write these bullet points all day; but we’d rather let you play the game and discover it all for yourself.

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9 Comments on Zuma Blitz


  1. Enjoying playing but no idea how to use power-ups…guidance please (as there isn’t any currently).

  2. Your power ups are automatically used. It is not a certain button you can hit to use them. If you look at the balls, the power ups will be hidden inside of them. Depending on the power up that you pick. There are a couple of power ups that only happen at the end of the game. Good luck playing and have fun

  3. my game is running very slow and jerky on Facebook…..what can I do to clean it up? First time I played the speed was sort of normal, now it crawls, my shots have a time delay from click to launch – there is no way to shoot fast. HELP!

    • I find it runs best if I close the facebook news feed and only have the game open. Also sometimes switching internet browsers helps to. Firefox is horrible for this game so I prefer google chrome or Internet Explorer which is funny since everything else seems to run slow on IE.. Also you can try cleaning up your cache of temp files & cookies.

  4. Finally finished my video tutorial for obtaining unlimited idols. Very legit, no download required. Just watch it xD



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