Wild West Town

Wild West Town
  • Release Date:  2011/2
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Clipwire Games
  • Genre:  
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Wild West Town is a facebook game that incorporates all the fun and adventure of the Wild West, with the hard work and fulfillment of farming! You’re in charge of turning a stretch of barren western desert into a thriving western settlement, with help from all sorts of interesting characters who will stop by on the way!

To make sure you’re on the right track, make sure to keep finishing the tasks any visitors to your town gives you-they always have your best interest at heart. When you’re not sure what needs to be done, check your quest log. When in doubt, just take care of your town! You’re in charge after all, and more money, supplies and oil will always come in handy.

The train is how characters will come visit your town. When you hear that train coming into the station, make sure to check out who arrives, as it could be a friend with important information or tasks, or worse! a bandit could have snuck in to cause some damage!

Surviving in the west is about getting along with your neighbours, and helping out whenever you can! When a new person arrives in your town, listen to what they have to say, it could be the way to push your town up to the next level. If you manage to complete every task a character asks from you, they might just move into your town permanently!
There are four different currencies in Wild West Town, all used for purchasing the various plants, animals and buildings for your town. Gold is the primary resource, and it is used for nearly every purchase, with most actions rewarding gold for your energy spent. The greatest amount of gold is recovered through planting and harvesting crops.

In Wild West Town, Oil is gathered by finding an oil geyser through digging, then constructing an oil derrick over top. Oil is required for more advanced purchases, like expensive livestock and larger buildings. Make sure to check your oil derrick every few hours to collect more! Supplies are needed to build virtually anything. Buildings take wood for construction; animals need food, even exotic crops need to be shipped in from far away, so make sure to collect as much supplies as possible! Supplies are found through clearing debris primarily, but lots of other actions can net you a few. What is more, Bank Notes are the premium currency of Wild West Town, and they can only be collected through special means, like purchasing from the premium page, or completing offers! Bank Notes can be traded for large quantities of any other currency, or used to purchase extravagant items directly. Notes can even be used to restore your energy to full!

Energy is needed to perform most actions in Wild West Town, and it slowly refills over time, or completely from achieving a level up. If you’re low on energy, you can also refill it by spending a few bank notes.

By completing nearly any action in Wild West Town, you will be rewarded by receiving experience points, which will be added to your total experience. Whenever you reach a certain amount of experience, you’ll achieve a new level, and be rewarded with cooking ingredients, and energy.

Click on your completed and staffed cook-house to bring up the cooking menu. You’ll see your available ingredients, a stack of recipes, and your frying pan. To start cooking, choose a recipe, then click and drag the necessary ingredients into the pan. When you have a valid recipe in your pan, the word “Cook” will appear over your pan, and clicking it will make the meal, giving its effects immediately.

The land expansion office is coming soon! Keep checking back, soon you’ll be able to expand your borders as you like!

You cannot use Facebook credits in Wild West Town, but plans are in place to allow for this very soon, keep checking back for updates!

Chef Daisy is furiously wrapping care-packages as we speak, and soon you’ll be able to send them to your friends at will!

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20 Comments on Wild West Town


  1. So far this game sucks. You do not even get the crops that you spend the money and energy to plant and harvest. You get 1 every once in a while as it is deemed “prize winning”

    Am giving it another day or so and am gone for good, it really is that bad. With all the games you can find on FB the ones people are gonna stick with and care enough to spend money on have to be good, and this is boring and so far, very frustrating.

  2. cant get log on wild west town

  3. My favorite game on Facebook!

  4. I’ve been playing for about a week, and have already built all of the buildings available. It’s kinda pointless now. I could add a few decorations, but they are just cosmetic, and serve no purpose. They need to add more to the game.

  5. Love It! it is addicting, except for the annoying story board that keeps popping up, but, MUCH less frustrating then Frontierville!

  6. plz help me i have been searching the internet on where to look for wild west town neighbors and can’t find anything but then i’m not good at computers i’m a faithful player but i need neighbors real bad can anyone tell me where to go or add me i wld appreciate it very much thank u and god bless u

    • Angela Weirich Woods

      You can add me as a friend. I play frontierville, Citiville, Gourmet Ranch, and Wild West Town daily.

      • Thanks, I need friends, I only have the one they gave me, I have requested all the ones that are on my list, but so far no responces. Strange,

    • try the FB Wild West Add Me page… have increased my neighbours by 30+ using it, and you can block ‘strangers’ from your wall etc using FB security settings…

    • you can add me if you want to no one else seems to play and I need one new neighbor! Look for my name Tracy Galvani and send me an invite

  7. How long does it take for a damn chicken to mature?

  8. i need friends please

  9. you can add me i need more friends

  10. I can’t my neighbors to load up to get help to finish my buildings only all of mu=y friends but not my neighbors I’m about to stop playing wild west

  11. shirley willette

    i need neighbors too add me

  12. I need more neighbors as well and for some reason when i go to the gift shop to request gifts, i click on who I wanna ask and then it shows me a preview of the request and I can not click on anything to send do not even have a scroll bar on the side so there for I can not send gifts right now or receive them what is up with this? I need patriot balloons and can not ask for them

  13. If you use your land right, cover it with pigs,they refeed evey 4 hours and only cost $800.

  14. Morning Sir! Extremely interesting read and perfectly designed blog !
    Will definitely return, thanks!


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