The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail
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Welcome Pioneers! The town is bustling! As leagues of wagons head west for a better life, doves of people pour through independence. We’ve seen settlers, teachers, and even a few bankers getting their wagons ready for the long trip ahead.

Be Sure to stock up on supplies! For those looking to reach Oregon City, the local general store has all the goods you need at a very reasonable price. Be sure to stock up on food, clothing, and wagon supplies as Mother Nature isn’t always forgiving.

Positive reviews:

I’m actually quite addicted to this new Facebook game The Oregon Trail. Yeah it does have some bugs here and there but then again the game just came out you can’t expect a game to be perfect on the first try. If you are strategic, you will find a way to play continuously. For me, the game works best on Google Chrome.

I like the game, but there needs to be more to see and do. I don’t like that you only can get notes by having to purchase them. You should be able to gain some by hunting or when searching or exchange them for items you have on hand. Items like medicine need to be able to be purchased especially since they sick and snake bitten all the time. The hunting feature needs to move easier, it slows down and freezes sometimes. Also I have died twice and did not know why? I wasn’t sick. Overall it is a good game, they just need to tweek it a bit.


Horrible. I’ll keep playing Oregon Trail on my iPad, even though it has many flaws. Very disappointed. You should not have released this game until you honored the original that everyone loved (and would inevitably hold a standard to). You’re holding my party hostage for real cash. This was supposed to be a learning game – bad facebook, bad.

this game doesn’t even deserve 1 star,the hunting is pathetic i made a mistake at the intro and couldn’t start over i couldn’t even get my party killed to make a fresh start,whoever developed this game should be ashamed of themselves for ruining a classic game,cant even play for 30Min’s without trail notes paying is pointless and i would buy the real game b4 buying trailnotes

Well I’m sorry to say but I quit. After dying three times no warning no explanation I am done with this game. Please keep updating your progress on the game because as it stands its bad.
I along with so many others were so excited for this game only to be this disappointed. This game should have blown other facebook games out of t…he water! Its Oregon Trail! The game that let us get out of class the game that you can ask anyone under the age of 35 do you remember Oregon Trail day? It was Wednesdays for me!

I will again list all the problems I have with The Oregon Trail. The game looks like it was animated by a 13 year old. There is NO TRADING?!?! No trading?! NO TRADING! The limited option of professions the original Oregon Trail had it so there were pros and cons of each occupation. The hunting is damn near impossible. Why does the wagon break down every mile and a half? Everyone in my party is sick injured all the time. Running out of food energy ect.

Every damn thing wants money! MONEY MONEY MONEY! Ok learn from Frontierville, and Happy Pets. You don’t start off with your hand out! You get people hooked on this awesome game then introduce items that they just have to have! I suggest you cut your losses and go back to the drawing board with this one. Please stop raping my childhood and design a real Oregon Trail game!

” I died on my first try, having already spent all my money. When I returned to the start I still had 0 coins. I could buy more, but that seems like a waste of money. It seems like common sense that should you die on the trail, your coins at least should be reset to your original starting amount rather than left at zero. Otherwise anyone who makes big mistakes like I did wouldn’t be able to try again and you’ll lose a lot of players.

Pros: I do like The Oregon Trail. It’s not as good as the originals, but it’s fun. The wagon repair game is a nice addition for puzzle addicts.

Cons: The slow moving character while hunting makes it very difficult, not exciting, and somewhat frustrating. You have to get used to it to hunt effectively. The UI is also a bit lacking. It’s hard to… tell what supplies I need or why I need any at all. It’s like they’re there for decoration.

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1 Comment on The Oregon Trail


  1. This isnt a bad game at all. I enjoyed it.


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