Sword Quest

Sword Quest
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We honestly have had it enough getting stuck in those run-of-the-mill quests that most Facebook fantasy titles only pay lip service to. Super-bored we definitely would be if asked again to run errands in towns, to chase geeky monsters around or do any other stupid stuff no one really cares about. Wonna get us adventurers back in form? The thing is; above all, just stop TELLING people what to do!

It seems that Facebook game Sword Quest is among the very few who have got the drift. This new animated exploration fantasy is about every change we’d like so much to the average. First of all, we craft our own gadgets, in this case, mighty swords, for the play instead of choosing from all lame ones. Secondly, we quest only with good reasons, for survival, economic or social needs, never again to take ridiculous orders loitering around or risking life when it is not necessary. Thirdly and most importantly, we totally write our free versions of fantasy stories, however illogical or even crazy it may be, instead of always following the same ‘heroes-vs-thugs’ pattern to the well-predictable finales!

Sword Quest, a comics-inspired fantasy game, promises that we play only the most refreshing, interesting, and exciting. From sword-crafting, decorating, trading to questing, imagination and creativity take the con. Nothing has been fixed yet, and we could make our own twists on how the characters would look like, what kinds of sword would be made the envy of the crowd, whom to take onto the adventurous route and where shall the comic story come to a surprising halt. As long as it delights both minds and hearts, here we go on the Quest!

Well, compared to other adventure-based titles where social fun sucks almost as a rule for banal events and meaningless topics, Sword Quest goes again as an eye-opener. This is a great theme party for sword-worshippers, showing off diamond-studded swords, trading off for cooler blades, immersing in swords-fighting comic thrillers, or even contesting for the best blade-polishing skills. It’s organized, opened and regularly updated with greater ideas from all of us!


Sword Quest, a new animation-based fantasy title on Facebook, allows us a chance to create varied fun from scratch one and thus is truly ‘free-to-play’ in every sense possible.

The visual is impressive, characters highly customizable, and the stories, quite definable. If there is one thing totally out of control, it would be nothing but FUN!

It’s cute to eyes, rich to minds and addictive for fingers, once on Sword Quest, you find lots to explore every time and could hardly quit unless all the possibilities are exhausted.

Make the best piece of Sword, and let’s go Quest like no others did!

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3 Comments on Sword Quest


  1. hey the quest from the assassin, he wants the perfect assassins blade, i have no problem crafting swords but what tyope and whats the name of the sword he wants…

  2. What is the gold anvil for and how is it used?


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