Social Empires

Social Empires
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Social Points
  • Genre:  
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Got to say that Social Point really has a ‘point’. When quality construction fun is such a rare thing online that Facebook lifers all go cringed at being hardly able to get on hands some real managing work, the promise of a creative, interactive and dynamic Social Empires project would easily whip things up.

Many have thus either dropped their brassy swords or closed their virtual business to take chances here creating their own fantasy land. Seriously, who cares to still fight death battles for the meager perks as an order-taking mercenary or stick to running a small biz for the rest of the life as a poor shopkeeper, when there is apparently much bigger and glorious achievements right within reach?

The Facebook game Social Empires is similar to PlayDom’s City of Wonder, Kabam’s Dragons of Atlantis and Koram Game’s Kingdom Saga.

Safe to say that Social Empires would make both city-building vets and dabblers go raving bonkers. Unlike other similar sims which are rather more about piecing together scattered building blocks or drawing random layout on a sandbox, this time we go for something logical, realistic and brain-teasing. From farmland cultivating, resources managing community building to land defending, every move counts and ripples afterwards. So do think twice and with visions before you rush on to only bungle things up.

A great thing about Social Empires is that you don’t get told what to do, but rather to do what you like. The social world will end up looking exactly the way you fancy it to be. Wonna see your Empire densely populated? Boost up agriculture production and folks will naturally flows in where they get better fed. Care for more resources to enhance infrastructures? Go with planned mining and chopping on the nature-blessed land to keep supplies on. Think it’s time for defense-cementing to stave all coveting forces away? Set up barracks and soldiers will march in by units if you do the morale-revving thing right.

Remember you are not building some lonely island girdled by vast sea water. The whole thing gets started with companies, a lot actually. In Social Empire, you build your own enclaves alongside and wouldn’t wait long for expansions or even encroachments if there is ever the chance. So take the head-start to slug it out on the territory map and leave them no hope of ever making a comeback!


Social Empires, a new Facebook construction-plus-managing title, has all the basics of the genre checked, and also offers a few new gaming choices there to make things more interesting than ever.

It’s entirely your own Social Empires from head to toes. Be CREATIVE, then every character, every piece of architecture, and every bit of scenery here in the fantasy world would end up all bearing your initials on!

Build your own dreamy Empires and enjoy it with your chosen Social crowd, doesn’t that make people delirious or what?

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32 Comments on Social Empires


  1. good game bit like age of empires

  2. Great game! but why cant u trade w ur allys? or do anything w ur allys for that matter.. should b able to trade resources and what not. also why can u get the trojan horse, mead barrel, golden statue and so on but r not able to use them or trade them?? whats up w that??

  3. im desperate help me

  4. how can other people have all the luxury and stuff and how can you cheat

  5. how to get a trojan horse in social empire

  6. lourience manaban

    give me an gold 99999

  7. Nice game….
    if this game will continue to create new decoration themes, new soldiers, new defensive structures, etc… also skills for the heroes… ^_^ that would be very nice….
    I have invited a lot of my backyard monsters friends to play this, since it is related with that..
    its like playing:
    Farm ville, Backyard monster, treasure isle, and the legendary Age of the empires LOL… ^_^

  8. how do we use harbours? how do we use cathedrals? how do we use stone mines?

    • click on the thing (cathedral, harbour, stone mine etc.) and click hire friends then send your friends requests and wait for them to accep it until all the spots are filled in.

  9. 100 cash

  10. Busco algunos vecinos para terminar de expandirme. buscadme, no hay foto: Daniel Serrano silvestre

  11. hey everyone what does the prison do?

  12. james delos santos

    give me an cash 99999

  13. give me level 59

  14. give me an cash 9999

  15. give me an cash 9999

  16. give me an cash 9999, wood 9999, stone 9999 army 9999, food 9999

  17. give me 1000 cash

  18. give me every thing to 100000

  19. I now level 59 in social empires it is very fun as long as u buy the dragon breeding thing and that u can have a draggy then a furious dragon than a lighting draggy and then lighting dragon than a green draggy than a sylah dragon

  20. How do u get a dragon breeding farm

  21. pode me da 9999999 em cash

  22. plssss give me cash 999999 and gold999999 and woods999999 and stone999999

  23. plss i want buy dragon but i only have 9 cash

  24. dont use cheat guy the cheater will never win

  25. aeefger


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