Ravenwood Fair

Ravenwood Fair
  • Release Date:  2010/10
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A business trip has taken you to a nameless place too small to be even marked on the map, and, the worst thing is, several tours around, you get yourself totally lost. At this time, a mysterious-looking raven hovers around and then perches on your shoulder, all shrieking and wing-flopping, as if trying to get you somewhere. Following this weird lead out of curiosity, and the next thing we know, you are already stranded in the middle of a dark and creepy forest.

The sky is totally blocked by towering trees, which all twisted and tangled together as if designed to keep you from escaping. No single sour is around apart from the strange bird still cawing above your head. The whole place is smothered by terrifying silence, only occasionally broken by some sudden purring and roaring voices from those thick shrubberies.

As legend has it, you have unwittingly stepped into the old, cursed Ravenwood where the most chilling stories originated from. Luckily, as a merchant who has left footsteps all over the world, you are not the chicken type who will get cold feet this easily. Now that fate has led you all the way here, why not just take it, get settled down and even make things alive in this deadly forest?

The first day you get in Ravenwood, we know things are gonna be different. With all these branches entwining around, a clean-up is badly needed. Grab an axe and here begins the slash-and-burn. The trees, however, are most reluctant to make way for you and will quickly have all chopped twigs back on to create a new maze. Soon you will find out that it is magic that you are truly stacked up against. So the moment you figure out how to break the spell, that’s the time when all the plants will behave.

You must have pulled it off, in one way or another. For only a few days after the last time we meet, the Ravenwood has already been this alive to even have a fair going on! We know as a merchant, it’s your way to pump life into the death-enshrouded place. And this Ravenwood Fair thing does work! Just check it out. The bear families are getting out of their hide to have a good time on the theme park. The rabbit brothers are trying out the gum-machine in the convenient store. The piggies are licking the ice-creams they just bought from the candy-stands nearby the playground, and more impressively, these forests neighbors who used to cut each other dead are now having warm catch-ups or shooting breezes enthusiastically as nice friends!


Ravenwood Fair, the newest social gaming production from Romero, is all about fair-building, socializing, and most of all, having fun in a creepy-looking forests.

Nice graphics and lifelike forest residents that totally need an artist’s brush to get is among the qualities that Ravenwood Fair pales other similar titles.

Bring sunshine into darkness. Let happiness disperse all miseries. Set up the Ravenwood Fair, and you can do it all!

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56 Comments on Ravenwood Fair


  1. Well, I can see why everyone hates the forest, but you’d better be happy you have it and not do away with all of it. Some of these tasks require 50 energy to complete along with 50 wood for each energy. In other words 2500 wood just for one task. Good luck hope you start growing your trees back. Or they need to drop the amount of wood needed to complete the tasks.

    • I have been so ripped off with this game…level 9 and never got one fb credit…can’t even find out who to contact..what a scam

    • Has anyone else had the issue where it take forever for your avatar to complete a task, because its running around like a frikkin chicken with its head cut off?

  2. I like the game over-all, but I am REALLY getting frustrated when I completely clear out the woods surrounding my fair and then get told that “My Game Appears To Be Out Of Synch With Our Server. Click here to reload.” I click the button, and find the woods are back, and I have now lost all of my energy. So I am repeating my actions MULTIPLE times just to clear the same trees, roots, etc. I have now cleared these same trees, roots, etc THREE times this weekend.

    • Exquisite Treasures

      I so agree, it’s frustrating……but this is not the only game on fb that does that, makes me wanna not play anymore games on fb ” ugh”

  3. Game is pretty fun but way to reliant on items, almost to the need of spending credits to progress. Ive found when im away from the game i spend half my energy to get my rides restocked and im unable to make any progress with my fair. Needing items to complete attractions is annoying, especially after spending half your energy building it.

  4. I agree with Mark, I’ve had that happen so often now. I’m on level 15 and one of my quests requires fallen leaves. Does anyone have a clue as to where I’m supposed to get these fallen leaves? They look like Autumn leaves.

    • patricia bradshaw

      i agree i cant get anything to for having to recut tree that i have already cut and once you get something built it should be built and not have to beg your friends for stuff to finish the building.l have five unfinished building that i cannot get the parts for. dont get me wrong i love the game but if you need parts to finish stuff let us have it by finishing task or cutting trees or something. that has to be some way to improve it or i and my sister are going to block it

    • Glenda Cartwright

      I dont remember having to get too many leaves but r they in the send gifts box where u can request or send gifts, I use the ravenwood bonus checker also.

    • ya, cutt the trees down, they fall out that way, it takes some time tho and any tree could be a hit or miss

    • Fallen leaves are collected by restocking games and buildings.

  5. i need help! can’t find autumn leaves or pumpkin pie.

  6. The leaves are one of my gift choices. I’ve sent them to people and asked for them back, but no one else seems to have them… and I’m sure its the same with the pie. That someone has them, but not everyone.

  7. I’ve got the same pumpkin pie and leaf problem. If you want to add me as a friend then we can send eachother stuff. just look me up. Shannon Parragh I’m the only one. In the reason put ravenwood fair

  8. Not worth playing anymore.. been with you since before your first week out.. takes to much energy to much wood and food and never ending requests for completing Quest and building and such LOSING INTEREST QUICKLY>>> I DON”T EVEN PLAY THE GAME CAUSE IT TAKES ALL UR TIME UP WITH ACCEPTING REQUESTS AND GETTING WHAT U NEED. NOT WORTH IT… BETTER GAME PLAY OUT THERE… BUT NOT IN THIS GAME… THEY ARE JUST MONEY HUNGRY MONGRALS

  9. Seriously losing interest in the game. Aside from the ridiculous “restock” rate on all the attractions that require constant attention; Players who choose to be self-reliant and not have strangers accessible to personal information, are now “BEGGING” for vital items like Vitalin, Pies ands Leaves, that are impossible to acquire withou…t someone else’s help.

    I ended up biting the bullet and set out to gather neighbors and am now up to 24, and even after 2 weeks of countless request, i still have yet to receive a single pie or leaf. Basically, you’re relying on luck to find the right people who are actually willing to gift the dozens of items you need, one at a time per day, all the while sacrificing your your valued news feeds to spamming beggars.

    I understand the designers main goal in creating the game, like any other FB App designer, is to make money. There in lays why we’re dealing with this nightmare because an option to buy FB creds to give players an alternative to the horror mentioned above. Its either pay to play, or suffer miserably

  10. Fun….But if you mess up and start a building you cannot complete because either you do not want to spend real money on credits or things arent dropping you need, you cannot remove it, or even relocate it. So it just makes your area look crappy as mine does. Nor can you re-start. So fun game, but if you like the idea of it, I just suggest Frotierville. Not as cute, but allows you to do more..more forgiving in these areas.

  11. some resources simply cannot be gotten except as gifts form neighbors, so you can beg on a daily basis, or buy the darn vitalin, which is of course the point of the whole thing: to get you frustrated enough to cough up real money.
    Sorry, but this is just too obvious…

  12. Anyone want to add me so we can exchange gifts like leaves, pie, etc…feel free :)

    • Glenda Cartwright

      you can add me in ravenwood and I play farmville but nothing else.
      glenda cartwright on facebook. I no others who want neighbors also just put ravenwood in msg spot.

  13. Am getting really fusrated (damn cant spell tonite am high on pills for surgery).. Back to the point.. Am REALLY disappointed with the mission named “Keep the Candy Foodstuffs coming” I have 0/12 candy canes but my inventory shows 38 candy canes since I collected from Facebook Game Simplifier in Google Chrome.. I cannot figure how to obtain 12 candy canes. I think this is a glitch or a full load of crap!! HELP please!! Appericated it..

  14. I just about had it. Clear up the place best I can. Stop playing for a couple of hours, go back and it is all grown over with trees again. I have those protectors everywhere too. Takes way too much energy for what you get and too many items to complete a mission and too much energy. It does not play fair. spend hours and tons of energy on the place, just to have it all grow back in a few minutes is nuts.

  15. Just wait until you get to the chapel building..need all most 100 rings and gifts. How many wedding rings does not bride need?

  16. i love this game, but…i also think restocking is a little ridiculous. it takes all my energy to restock. i visit everyday(sometimes more than once)just to check on it. other than that i love the game, totally addicted. i have a couple friends that play but i don’t think they understand how to help restock for me. i think they think it uses their energy to help my fair. that’s all…good game.

  17. i love this game as well , I don’t have any problem with materials as I have good neighbours , who like me patiently grant requests.. But my question is , 5 days before my princess wedding the quests seem to have stopped and now the wedding is over it hasn’t resume (quests). Is there anymore quests at all or has it stopped (I’m level 25). I know I will sound ungrateful but I think it’s getting boring without the quests. Thank you….

  18. i am playing just level 12 now its about 4 days everytime the game is loading…… i have safari chrome and firebox

  19. I like the game, but I do hate that you must have neighbors to finish most of the buildings and games. I have pretty much stopped playing FrontierVille because of this and this one isn’t far behind.

    I’d really love it if the makers could change it so the game isn’t so neighbor reliant and add a few things to give the game a little more depth.

    • I agree, none of my friends play these games and it is so reliant on having neighbors to gift things just to complete missions. Very frustrating, anyone need any neighbors????

    - HURRY UP -
    its a great website indeed

  21. If anyone wants to be my neighbor…please do. Friend me under Malinda Johnson Robinson and type ravenwood in message box


  22. Add me in ravenwood to get free items, add me as friend and please add message “ravenwood fair”

  23. my facebook name: jian zhong

  24. Glenda Cartwright


  25. I need neighbors

  26. Ravenwood, yes I need neighbors too.

  27. This game is a mirror image of RavenWood Fair. Here they had a chance to break the mold, instead, they made the game worse by allowing RavenSkye the main place to house buildings. RavenWood skye has very little buildings, as does Raven Interior.

    Tired of storing and or deleting buildings to make room for more quest based items. Not worth playing. Waste of time doing quests if you have to keep storing buildings to make room for more.


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