Plants VS Aliens

Plants VS Aliens
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Next time when weird things such as “corn circle” are brought up by others, you’d better buy it, for it turns out that outer-space creatures do have a thing for stuff grown on Earth and make all the way from their own homeland to have some “field trips” here from time to time. When these uninvited guests land their spacecrafts in front of your farmland, do treat them with gloves on, cause no one knows whether they are coming for friendly or malicious purpose and you can never tell what is the next move these capricious aliens are gonna take.

They may only set eyes on your flourishing plants and intend for nothing but peaceful trade-offs, or as luck has it, they might have evil plots in mind and want to loot your farm of all crops or even wage battles to ruin everything you get through hard-workings. What exactly the situation would be? That’s where Plants VS Aliens, the new Facebook gaming hottie, holds you in suspense. And how on earth is the gaming experience like? That’s the part you can never tell before actually embarking on the exotic adventures here in the game.

For some trailer information, Plants VS Aliens is overall a hybrid newcomer to the already crowed social gaming world. The half-farming-half-battling experience is exactly what gives the game a fresh new taste. You may have grown tired of all the farming chores rife in other Facebook causal games, or have exhausted all the passions for meaningless fighting in MMOs, but a clever combination of both in Plants VS Aliens will surely give off new sparkles and do the trick in a totally novel way.

The beauties of the two genres are interwoven just to the point where you can have an entertaining and combative gaming experience like no others. Plants are your one and only weapon to keep hostile aliens at bay or even kick them back to the place they come from. The necessary role-shifting is about a whole lot of fun. This moment you are ordinary farmers cultivating plants in hope of a harvest, and next minute, you throw away the plows and become fighters who guard your own homeland with whatever in hand.

Battles can be staged on whenever you are in the mood of fighting. A world map is at your disposal and will guide you through the warfare against those prickly aliens. However, peace is always another possibility. Have as many as farmers rallying behind you, then you can well make those “party crashers’ awed and force them to go for friendly trading instead.

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Plants VS Aliens offers an addictive social gaming experience with all run-of-the-mill elements, and have won over millions of gamers around the globe to join in its unique plants-fight ever since it is published.

Though aiming for innovation, Plants VS Aliens doesn’t discard the traditional social aspects like many other social titles do. You can still count on numbers for safety and power no matter in farming or combating quests.

Cross “blades” with aliens in no where but Plants VS Aliens!

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6 Comments on Plants VS Aliens


  1. Yeah,it was fun!Now I am at level 10 and know so much stuff there already!

  2. i like plants vs aliens but, i dont know how to buy plants

  3. how to get more blue coins?

  4. u must log in every day! after logging in 4 four days u will have 3 of those

  5. where can i download this plants vs aliens???thanks a lot.


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