Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars
  • Release Date:  2011
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Are you looking for a new empire building game? Wanna share fun with your Facebook friends? Be the legendary stars in the new facebook social game Pawn Stars.

Pawn Stars is pretty good for a Beta version. One thing that would be great is to be able to see what you listed an item for when you click on the item. Right now it only shows what you bought it for and the appraisal price. Also, to unlock the the other Stock Room shelves and more store space cost $5000, which is a bit steep. $2000-$4000 would be more reasonable. Lastly, it would be great to be a customer in your friend’s store. They’d be able to buy your items and you can buy their items.

Pawn Stars is a nice WIP (work in progress). I’ll reach $100,000 later this evening. However, purchasing the same 10 or so items gets very boring. I’m only interested in items that have 100 or more Prestige Points, or at least 1 star for rarity. I enjoy seeing some items from the actual show. We need more items! Also, I have a beef wi…th the Facebook credits. I have 6 shelves in the stock room that are full, for two reasons. One, I can’t unlock the other two. And Two, I can’t unlock the other 5 spots out in the shop. I know Facebook has to get theirs somehow, but jeez, at least keep it free for a while. Also, GET RID OF THE OPENING MUSIC, or have an option to turn it off. A wider variety of customers would also be welcome.

The game Pawn Stars is fun but quickly goes against one of the tag lines from the real show “you never know what is going to walk through the door.” i’ve got a running list of only about 44 items currently in the game so it’s pretty easy to make money. the apollo 16 flag is the rarest item i’ve seen thus far, and one time i had two for sale and two customers wanted to sell me one….doesn’t seem that rare

Glossary of Pawn Stars

Customers - Eight customers will enter the store every 6 hours with new items for you to browse. Click on customers to bring up the haggling screen and item description.

Items – Items are what it’s all about. All items are true-to-life, with accurate, historical facts. Buy them, sell them, learn about them–all while making a profit for your store.

Haggling - Customers won’t let go of their items for free. You will need to offer competitive pricing that meets the needs of your store, and cross your fingers that the customer is in a pleasant enough mood to accept.

Selling – Items are held for a specific amount of time before they sell, based on their rarity and value. Select a price you think the item will sell for, and see if someone buys it. Experts can help you determine the maximum value of an item and assist in determining sell price.

Mood - Each customer will walk into your store in a specific mood (noted by the bar above their head). A customer’s mood will affect their willingness to haggle with you; a cheerier mood will grant a better chance at the customer accepting a lower price. Customer patience may be raised by handing out candy.

Candy – Candies increase a customer’s mood, allowing you to negotiate a better price for an item. Candies may be purchased from the ‘give candy’ menu located off of the Haggle screen.

Experts – Experts are available to help appraise items and spot fakes. The star rating of an expert determines the accuracy of their evaluation.

Stock Room – The Stock Room unlocks once you reach level 3, and provides additional storage space.
Upgrading Store – Additional shelf space at the front of the store may be purchased. This increases the amount of items you may put on sale at any one time.

Friend’s Stores - Visit your friends’ stores from the friends tab, in order to view what they are selling and help cheer up their customers. To increase the mood of a friend’s customers, simply click on them and they become happier.

Item Clean Up – Item Clean Up is available after Level 6. Cleaning up an item increases its worth by 30%. Friends may help clean items as well.

Fakes – Some items that appear in the store are fakes and will sell for a fraction of the price of a genuine item. Experts may help spot fakes, for a price.

Prestige – Prestige represents the overall value of your store based on the items you have purchased. Every item has a Prestige value, determined by its overall worth and rarity. Earning Prestige will help you level up and unlock new content.

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16 Comments on Pawn Stars


  1. boring. no point. same stuff over and over

  2. Here is a great site for beginners. It has all the item prices as well as the time it takes to sell them. check it out and share.

  3. how do u resore items

  4. cannot find my friends’ stores huhuhu

  5. I like the game but paying $200 to remember what the price costs from last time you did it .. really gets annoying and you lose a lot of money on it if the item is barely worth even 200. I hate that I don’t have enough room to put items cause fbook wants me to pay. not going to happen. I never had an issue with paying the 5000 for the ones they did allow me. but other than just starting out so i dont have enough to buy the rare items i so far really like it …. i hope they do like you said make the game more with new people items and im personally hoping to make space for free. candies cost money nvr got them for free yet

  6. This game is slow and boring…need more to do and more ways to make some cash…i refuse to by credits for online candy for fictional people….that’s just ridiculous

  7. How do i reset the game on Pawn Stars the Game on Facebook?

  8. how do i get more muscle and parts besides buying them?

  9. This game is stupied i want candie now

  10. o jogo e muito massa sempre sera

  11. i repared items but how do i sell after ?


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