Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy
  • Release Date:  2010/12
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Gaia Online
  • Genre:  RPG
  • Rating Score

Monster Galaxy is a new Facebook game that is developed by Gaia Online behind the fully fledged browser mmorpg ZOMG. The game was just released and if you have reviewed this Facebook RPG game,why not share with our community players.

By the end of the day, it is children who have it all right: behind the closet, there is indeed a monster, well… not quite one, but actually a whole galaxy of monsters, to be honest. According to Gaia Online, the one who breaks the news on Facebook, however, the moment when that door is pushed open, you will find out this particular Monster Galaxy is actually the furthest thing from spooky and scary. Instead, what you just set foot on is a wonders-filled and mind-blowing dimension where bizarre creatures frolic around, adventure about and even scuffle with each other a bit, all for nothing but FUN!

A great thing about this completely modern and magic-bounded version of ‘monster story’ is that you kids got to write every exciting chapter of it exactly the way you like. Monster here could look like the red-eyed, tuxedo-wearing rabbit that Alice run along with in her wild dream, the slouchy, gluttony cat Garfield who Jon keeps company with, the smart, loyal dog Lassie who’d always be there for his little master through thick and thin, or the hilarious, cute mouse Stuart who bring so much excitement to the Little family.

But it is even better than that. All these ‘Mogas’, if put in their native tongue, have mega powers for attacking, questing or healing, and once tamed, they are willing to see you through every adversity that may get in the way of your joyful adventures across this amazing galaxy. Some are stronger than horses and can keep you unscathed even fighting the bulkiest enemies; some are Zodiac wizards and can offer you tons of magical gadgets to win battle with; More would come to aid bringing greater knacks on table as you wonder about, bump into more surprise along the way and strand by strand unravel new mysteries about the Monster Galaxy through taming and fighting!

Another thing which allows you more stuff to show off in front of peers about your fantastic trip here in Monster Galaxy is that you actually pull this whole thing from monster-capturing, formidable questing, tough fighting to mystery-untangling, well, all by YOURSELF! How to have more wild animals bowed down to take your order? What’s the best lineup to bring all their best out? When is the time for fighting, and when for re-bounce? You figure these out, hit a winning streak, return to Earth as a solo hero, and then respects will be all yours!


Monster Galaxy, the new Facebook RPG makes a delightful tweak on the common pet-raising, PVE combating, and fantasy-exploring titles, offering players another great choice for a unique hybrid gaming fun.

Well-crafted characters, imagination-loaded graphics and addictive storyline, all are backed up by lavish investment, bracing concept and artful design work from the Gaia guys.

You could have, for a zillion times, opened the closet and felt your Monster fantasy again shattered, but this one and zillion time with Monster Galaxy, I promise you, my boy, nothing less than a hearty surprise!

Below are some reviews from players, positive and negative.

I like the futuristic and magical vibe of the game. Pokemon-ish but it has a style of its own. Cheers~!

I love the graphics–although some are from The gameplay is simple and the story is entertaining. The characters also have these odd personalities and are just a hoot! ^.^
Great work!

the music is awesome and its kinda like digimon mixed with Pokemon its cool and a little bit of ff tactics with the monster element

Scary game! I have a real life! I have things to do! I have responsibilities! I also find it hard to tear myself away from the game long enough to write this review. Must go back to fighting Moga… the world needs me!

Can be tons of fun, to teenagers and adults, but even easy for younger children to catch onto with out difficulty. Something, that looks like could be enjoyed by most people, but won’t interest everyone which should be expected.

its entertaining like pokemon and similar in game play and purpose, so its easy to hooked on. Sweet game, just one problem. Some “moga” look like knock offs of Pokeman; could you guys be a little more creative/original? But other than that, well done and and keeping going.

The drop rate should be better, the cost of star seeds is ridiculous! Maybe make an ulra starseed and charge for that, but the ones you have now( that don’t even work 1/2 the time) we should be able to gift to one another, or buy with $ we earn from battles etc. There has got to be a better way

Is there even a point to capturing other monsters other then for how they look? So far every monster has the same stats at every level :/ It’s pretty stupid, and besides the special move there it doesn’t seem like there is another reason. Every monster has a “zodiac attack” with only 5 chances to use it before you have to heal or leve…l up and a physical attack with 15 points. If your chance of hitting is 80% you still miss, A LOT. Same with 90% (well at least I do anyways) Criticals seem to be horribly high, even if it’s the same zodiac sign. Star seeds are super annoying to obtain. There aren’t enough quests early on to help you stock up on starseeds. Like when you could really use a few when you do finally run into that super rare monster, even when you get it down to one hp you still have less then 25% chance of catching it and since starseeds are so hard to get you have to choose to risk losing all of them on the horribly small chance that you might catch it, or kill it and hope later you’ll have more starseeds when you run into it again. Oh, and leveling monsters is ridiculous. I mean, it’s great logging on and seeing you have a monster that got a bit of experience but when I log on and see a lvl 4 jumped to lvl 12 I’m a little annoyed. What’s the point in building a team and working on raising them, (especially considering how each time you level it takes about twice as long to get to the next level), if the next day I’m gonna have a few monsters back at home that passed my team up by a good 5-6 levels. All in all, it’s got a lot of potential to be a great game but it needs more balance

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152 Comments on Monster Galaxy


  1. i deffenetly agree with you about it, i like the game, but it could use some work,like the stats, there all the same for each monster, the HP is the only i noticed thing that was different for each monster, money would be nicer if it were easer to get. but for a new game it seems okay.

  2. It is a pretty nice game, but what I wanna know is: what is the name of the song when you capture a moga?????? I really love it!!

  3. hey me too, y realy love this song say me this name of song

  4. why did they still make star coin should be we can buy it its hard to do quests u know

  5. how do you get the task( incromising photo done)

  6. How could I catch a super rare moga if there are only 25% chance of catching it?

  7. Need to be maximum 3 lvl minor that the creatura or to be lvl major

  8. i like the game but it should be on mobile too…

  9. A really fun game but it’s EXTREMELY hard capturing. Like WTH- Starseeds only work when the moga is down to 1 point and most of the time the attacks are 5-6 and how can I capture?? and it’s really frustrating when I come across a really nice and rare moga and end up destroying it.

    • Well, if you bring them down to lower than 1/2 healt, then you might be sucessfull capturing it. if you want to capture a nice Moga, use your moga with the 2x Less or just ‘more’. that way, you can just reduce a little of the wild Moga’s hp. if you do’t get a critical, that is.

  10. omg i really am stuck and i havent even gotten far with the whole chocolate thing and getting them fromthe wasabees…….how do i do that it wont let me go further and when i go back i just fight other monsters and when i do fight wasbees i never get the chocolate soooooo what do i do its in the way beginig its like the 3 or the 2 quest on the game….yea thats how far i got

  11. i really like this game …
    the graphics is good….

  12. its really fun and unlike other games on facebook u dont hve to stop cos u run out of “energy”

  13. where can i find the soldier?? and gertrude??

  14. This is a really addicting game, I just started playing today, and I already have 12 Mogas, including a Smok and a Tenpac! One of my favorite Mogas I’ve been training is the Huey you catch early in the game, the power it gains as it levels up is actually pretty useful! Though I’m as curious as anyone else what that song is when you catch a moga, I’ve been searching and searching for it based on the few lyrics I do know, and I can’t find it anywhere!

  15. Yo guys!
    i found out what is the music.
    Treat Coupe De Grace 05 Roar,

  16. der is some error in loading d game………….please fix it quick i cant wait 2 play it………

  17. how do u switch your caught mogas with the main 3 that u have

  18. how do you get starseeds?

  19. i think the best way to get starseeds is to hang around the first few places, u to the woody bit..i find i get more there than anywhere else…did anyone else notice that the lainedeer or the coldbear are the same level as your starter moga? I just trained mine up to level 10! DX
    becasue there’s so little starseeds, and the possiblility of catching any mogas that aren’t beginner or training is so low, the only way to get high leveled mogas is to catch beginners and train them up..i hate the look of the beginners, the only one i liked was huey! -.- fail much?

  20. how do you do the bit near the begining? when you have to help some1? i have only just started the game

  21. i hacked my das account to put de game up and 2 get more whistle fruit nova has a moga level 40 from my star sign @_@

  22. What?? i mean HOW DO YOU DO THE FIRST QUEST???And hw do you hack?????

  23. doesnt matter iv done the first 3 quests now :D

  24. does anyone know how to get wolf after you do the sheep quest?????

  25. I’ve missed Lainedeer for 4 times!!!! 10 of my star seeds have gone so far!!! So sad :(

  26. How can I get my mogas lv up faster?

  27. how do i get more starseeds without coins

  28. Monster Galaxy strategy guide and monster list

  29. Monster galaxy don’t want to work.

  30. you should level up at spiral cave for effective xp.

  31. if you accidentlly defeat lainedeer can you find it again?

    • yes you can but is really hard to catch try a moga that is more effective aganst it happy gaming (:

    • yes you can. i found the liendeer tons of times and everytime i accedentaly defeat it, so, no matter no matter how many times you defeat it, it will come back

  32. Hello y need a friends with my moster galaxy

  33. is all moga needs to capture all?

  34. How the hell are you supposed to catch Lainedeer? It’s driving me bonkers

    • wait until u have all quests done and a lot of seeds.
      also, if u dont catch it, dont worry, it will keep leveling up so its a good thing ;)
      the dificulty of catching Mogas ONLY dependes on rarity, not on level!

    • try useing about 100 star seeds

  35. I have The shadow looking moga, the crab with 4 claws found at MegaHole ColdBear and Lainedeer all level 6 and it’s getting so hard to level up like really and i need a lot of blue coffee without buying them how?

  36. I am really frustrated becuase many times i almost defeat Lainedeer like they only have 1HP but still I can’t capture them…. Almost all of my starseeds go for catching that moga but still can’t catch 1.. :-(

  37. Uhm, is Lainedeer that hard to catch? I got ‘em on my first try with no more Blue coffee(I had 5 at the beginning) and used up all 5 of my seedstars… it also had 7 hp at the time, I guess I was lucky?

  38. add me on facebook “kris jenkins” i need adds for heaps of games!! MONSTER GALAXY is awesome!!

  39. Great Guide with Monster List – includes all stats

  40. awesome..!!! need help to capture lainedeer…which moga to use??thanks

  41. lainedeer?……………….soooooooooooooo eazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. lainedeer?……………….soooooooooooooo eazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    any moga!

  43. i lost almost 15 starseeds juz to catch that stupid laindeer…

  44. nice game… but too imbalance… hard to lvl up and hard to catch… even 100% atk also can miss…

    • 100% doesnt miss.. Did you switch mogas? sometimes it doesnt load the new mogas abilities over the previous ones. I have a buddy who used 1 starseed to catch lainedeer at 8%.. took me about 7, some have had even poorer luck, its left to chance. Also, there are much better/cooler mogas around that are much easier to get than lainedeer, true he heals but its a measily 8 at 2/3 and by the time hes lvl 9 or so it makes no difference, so acutally i would have rather never captured lainedeer. The only other way besides using coffee is to go “home” click on the moga and select the sleep option… after a time his attacks and hp will replenish, the amount of time increases with the mogas lvl.

  45. As far as lvling up, no one should have problems getting to about lvl 6, in which case ive found it rather easy to level your mogas to lvl 8 in the same 5 or so areas where you are supposed to complete the 5 trolo quests. each run should net have the experience needed, send the three to rest and either wait or send out 3 others. It seems to be much more effective to farm areas 2-4 lvls below your moga. This has worked for me up to lvl 12 on many mogas. Also when you capture mogas they retain the lvl they were at, so it is better to save the starseeds to capture mogas that are higher lvl than yours. Some even pop up farther on. For example the trolo pops up on the bridge later on at lvl ~12. The only advantage to capturing a moga earlier on is increased whistles for your friends when you lvl them up….

  46. cant get the raft to leave and i finished all quests. only issue is gertrudes house wont go green. where is lyle or is this a glitch.

  47. Anyone know where lvl 18 mogas are? ive tried each location 5 times now and only seem to find 17 or 19..

  48. nvm the Rue Morgue eventually spawned an 18.

  49. why cant i catch a lanedeer ?

  50. Im the same this leindeer is driving me nuts im down to my last star seed and using my best mogos. If ANYONE has some tips please share for the rest of us

  51. why do they didnt breath fire or blast ice or lightning fiction they just went to there enemy and down there head i love this game ….

  52. cool game cause i caught the lainedeer on my 1st encounter and 3rd starseed. but it stinks that when i found an A.C (it was sooooooooo CUTE!!!) and it was down to 1 life and the catch percentage was -1!!! its imposible to catch. thats so jank!!!

  53. my advise for catching a lainedeer is get it down as low as u can without killing it and keep trying to catch it. best luck at 1 life (9% chance catch). it took me 3 starseeds to catch it so u should have at least 3 starseeds on u. its mostly found on summer feild and warmwood trail. good luck!

  54. I completed all the quests, and now some guy tells me he’ll let me know when my raft is ready? I’m wondering around with nothing to do, stuck. can anybody tell me what to do? or whats going on?


      • no your not hehe
        now u have to finish all the quests and go talk to the gay looking guy in the last place of the map (2 or 3 spaces right of the Paul’s location – Bridge). he will give u a boat to cross the river ;)

    • yeah u just have to wait
      go catch all the mogas in the region, to spend some time lol
      that’s what i’m doing ;)
      super rares are the hardest ones (melody, stariak, pudgy, messi, etc…)

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  57. I love this game, it’s addictive.

    Does anyone know if it’s like playdom where you can buy gift cards instead of using you card to pay for the coins??

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  59. give me a 20 star seed and 20 blue coffe

  60. plzzz giveme 20 starseed and 20 bluecofee

  61. gah i upgraded all my monsters to high levels now i cant catch the low leveled ones ive missed! D: what should i do?!

  62. Wow from the developers of Gaia Online!!

  63. this game is awsome

  64. Get Unlimited Monster Galaxy Star Coins
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  65. one thing i want to know is where i could fint the moga leon , ibex and yigon im dont with the second map but can’t find them always fighting the same moga and is driving me crazy.

  66. anyone know how to take a ride on cat taxi to get to cortex?

  67. I captured an Epic Moga : War Lepus in just 1 Starseed so Lucky..! :D

  68. ilove it i played this game scince 4 days ago and yea im heck lvl 60 on this game

  69. i love this game i caught double of what i caught in just one hour soooo kool
    by the way this game gave me interesting dreams and future thits i love it mostly my epic mogas

  70. I can’t believe lainedeer was taken out. sigh. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next christmas…
    I have so many mogas! And rare ones too, like woolf, staryak, azurel, winja, and war lepus. I feel so lucky…

  71. after u done the paul saga u have to click travel and go to the next map peeps

  72. im running out of capturing balls can someone donate me name is netiarjun.

  73. so nice but have some shit… i can’t capture a nice moga….who knows to get more star seed? can i have ………..

  74. hi guys do you know how to capture the thing at the docks on the second map i can not some to capture it. i have have over 50 go’s at it and i can still not capture it

  75. how can i get stars seeds

  76. how can i get some stars seeds

  77. Monstergalaxyfan

    I caught War Lepus with only a 9% chance. I only used one starseed and when I caught him I became hyper… >,..,>

  78. How do i catch War Lepus and Paul? I need to catch those. :I I have almost all of the places lit up except for 10 which are the Cydonia Castle, Heavenly Greens Cementery and the Sandswirl places. I have 9 mogas but My highest is level 9. My main character is the Shadow dog thingy and my Level 9 is the Scorpion.

  79. can u send mogas in the game?

  80. i like this game alot but it is frustrating me at the moment cause i’m trying to capture Rankwallow but it is just not happening, used like 10 starseeds already, which i think is not fair, any advice guys.

  81. can u give me a good hack plz

  82. Unofficial MG Database Mogas, Quests, Items, and more!:

    Just Added: Pueblonia Locations to the Database!!!
    Just Added: Frequently Asked Questions Sections!
    Just Added: Zodiac Strengths & Weaknesses Chart!

  83. Where can i find war lePus???ZZZZZZZZZZ

  84. how i can raise my monga faster

  85. pesbook aku kena hek sama orang la

  86. help me i cant access my monster galaxy!

  87. what is war lepors anyway ?

  88. just as i thaught yes

  89. i caught a winja during the quest at level 16 with 1 starseed at 4% uber luck

  90. were is the chocolate

  91. I accidenatally killed winja so now im going to have to reset my game.

    • bogdan cristian

      you don’t have to reset the game lol :) ))) just go again to the location and try until u capture him

  92. i have all the quest mogas for the aries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I know where to catch a super rare moga, but its level 5.
    there is a messi at spiral road.

  94. I caught a lvel 7 Messi there.

  95. where is lyle and cortex

  96. How can i get trolo card fast????

  97. how can I get annee moga so fast

  98. how do u catch that stupid octopus thingy and I keep gettin battered by wina

  99. Get Unlimited Moga coins and Star Seeds
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  100. I am addicted to this game, caught a legendary level 17 tamy at pueblonia at 4% catch rate using 4 starseeds. But i’m stuck at the black gold quest, can’t find booly. Sigh!… :-(

  101. i CAN find booly find booly at sunshire,windhym flower … ;)

  102. Heyy! Im playing Monster Galaxy rite now & tried to find wasabee…i might spell it incorrect but u know the bee that glows green colours. So can u reply where u can find it? Thankz

  103. hey how do you catch that sqwid with the crown.

  104. Tremendously informative cheers, I think your readers could quite possibly want more stories.

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