Miscrits: World of Adventure

Miscrits: World of Adventure
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Social Game
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At the time when Facebook is pretty much awash with slash-and-hack rehashes of PC classics, a change of taste would apparently be the right dish for many. Having seen this coming, guys from Broken Bulb Studio cut it just fine with a re-bounce of some original, relaxing and truly entertaining social fun. Miscrits: World of Adventure, their roller-coast online fantasy experience, tells the exact story, and tells it in a COOL way!

Miscria, a nature-blessed and magic-haunted land, abounds with amazing creatures, inexhaustible treasures and an unfailing spring of fun. Allured naturally, quite a few have ventured in the foggy forests there, with some going astray from their team in the three maze, some gulped by monsters lurking aside during battles, and others simply couldn’t nail those queer-tempered Miscrits down. Would you prove to be rather exceptional among the handful of smart adventures that make it back with wealth, charisma and most importantly, friendship? Broken Bulb leaves the story there right open.

It’s no hugely complex trick actually, requiring neither armchair-brooding nor sword-crossing. A little bit observance, teamwork senses and animal-taming skills would be enough to make all fun kick in! Take upon the bumpiest yet most exciting path, pick up all awesome Miscrits along the way, and together with teammates, you could make all the impossible into possible, predictable and even controllable!

A closer look at Miscrits: World of Adventure, you could find there is indeed more than one way out. A detailed world map would allow you to be street-smart, wary of dangers and sharp-nosed for gold in the zigzagging forest. Great skill packages and questing abilities makes your Miscrit a sweet company, a powerful guardian and a loyal friends all the way during the adventure. Jumping monsters and nifty set-ups, though could be all over you at times, are only made to spice things up. Miscrits love to take challenges, what about you?

Speaking of these magical creatures, I would expect another ‘WOW’from the crowds of tamers. In the mysterious woods of Miscrits: World of Adventure, nature works its own way to nurture talents of all kinds. Some are good at tampering fire, some play tricks with water, and others could make mess with earth. Wonna all these skill edges on your team? You know how to get the Miscrits ‘halt and freeze’ for orders, do you?


Miscrits: World of Adventure, Broken Bulb Studio’s new Facebook community game, allow players a joyous, exciting and fulfilling journey together with animal wizards across a wonder land like no ordinaries.

It’s no fixed deal as to how things are gonna work out here. The gamers could add their own twists on character customization and story progression to shape or reshape the fantasy world as they see fit.

It’s cute, funny, and spurring. Everything you fancy for an incredible fantasy dream, Miscrits:World of Adventure just got it!

Learn more the latest expansion Miscrits of Volcano Island

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    espero que lo puedan solucionar,cordiales saludos abraham

  2. Querido Abrham: Sos un pelotudo. si tienen una X es porque estan muertos, los tenes que curar en la iglesia. OBVIo que no los vas a poder usar si estan muertos. por dios! si no sabes jugar no lo jueges.

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