Mercenaries of War

Mercenaries of War
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Not a single man in the world can resist the charming of two things: beautiful woman and action-packed games. Mercenaries of War strikes me as exactly the very kind of masculine game that no man can refuse. As a Facebook role-playing game released by Kaboom Social Games, Mercenaries of War will surely sate your appetite for destruction.

In some respects, Mercenaries of War is not a typical Facebook RPG. Forsaking the high fantasy feature of typical Facebook RPGs, Mercenaries of War aims at providing you the pure thrill of battles.

As a standard practice of Facebook RPGs, you will begin by creating your very own mercenary soldier. Customizing your avatar is not what this masculine kind of games concern, so it won’t take you too much time. After a “retina scan” log in and a mouthy general, your mission will be revealed on the screen: To save Mr. Big Wig’s daughter. I wager you are knitting your brows when you see this mission, and so do I. But I assure you that this cliché won’t debase this game. After all, the storyline only plays a small part in this game. It is the fierce shootouts and bloody battles that really count, not the storyline. Now that the mission is clear enough, the next thing to do is to pit against those kidnappers and turn this place a sea of blood!

Of course your mission is to save the hostage, but you shall not forget your rivals. Remember that you are not the only one who licks one’s chops about the commission. In each area, there are “competing mercenaries” who are trying to find Mr. Big Wig’s daughter as well. By changing the “view” of the map to a sort of infrared view, you can find your rival within the buildings on the map, and find out how many mercenaries they have with them.

A very interesting element of this game is “Adrenaline”, a secret weapon designed against particularly tough opponents. Once your “Adrenaline” is full, it can significantly boost our battle capabilities. Thus, you will become invincible. “Adrenaline” for you is just like spinach for Popeye.

War-based RPGs are nothing new, but Mercenaries of War indeed makes a difference. Combining console gaming concepts with a traditionally text-based genre, it satisfies the player with a totally new experience. Elected as one of The Best Facebook Games of 2010 by inside social games, Mercenaries of War is indeed a great role-playing game which deserves this title, and its awesome action elements make it outstanding among a multitude of average Facebook RPGs.

So, do you wanna join the Mercenaries of War? Stop hesitating because there is no time for hesitation. The hostage may be killed at any moment. Just grab your gun and go!

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