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Journey of Moses
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Journey of Moses is a facebook game based on the historical account given in the Book of Exodus and the Book of Acts in the Holy Bible.

Gameplay Basics

When you first take control of Moses take note of your surroundings. The dark areas are searchable and by clicking and searching them they turn lighter to signify that you have explored it. As you explore and search deeper throughout Egypt; you will find items which unlock other areas. You will also find special tools that allow you do search certain areas that otherwise remain a mystery. Sometimes if you don’t explore enough, you will find that you need to turn back to find items you missed. There is also a map in the lower right corner for you to view your progress in the story as well as visit Resource Islands and Diamond Islands (see below).

Treasure and Tiles Left

To help aid you there is a counter on your screen to tell you exactly how many treasures and tiles are left. If you are having trouble completing an area take a look at the counter it will tell you how many tiles you have missed.

Resource Fields

These are areas that provide you with resources for certain tasks and relics. You can access these from the map and this is where you can find resources like water, wheat and stone. Unlike the story areas, when you completely search these maps, they will reset and are re-playable after some hours have passed. You may also unlock more resources areas in the shop by purchasing the related mission and completing them.

Diamond Areas

These maps are very special. Here you will find more treasure, energy, shekels, and gems then in any other area. Within each separate Diamond Area there are 5 hidden scrolls which, when found will reward you with an item.


Your journey across Egypt is tiring. Stop by your camp to rest your weary feet. You can decorate your camp, display your finds, return to refill energy with some delicious honey, and get keys or get other special items daily. The tree in the middle of your camp will provide you with honey by clicking on it and selecting the amount that you wish to get.

Visiting Friends

The more friends you have, the better. Visiting their camp allows you to pick up extra gems, resources, and other items as the game progresses. We also provide a friend for you at the beginning, Miriam. In order to get different items and resources from friend visits you must invite others to become your friend!

Wish List

Your wish list is located in your treasure tab. To use it simply click the + icon next to the treasure you wish to add to your list. You are able to add up to five treasures at a time. Your friends can then see your real time wish list and send you the items on your list. You can return the favor anytime you please and send them something on their wish list. To view their wish list, simply hover over their picture on the friend’s bar.

The Relics and Decorations

While in your Camp you may do an assortment of things to personalize it. In the bottom right corner there is a decorate button which brings up the menu for a variety of decorations and relics.

Decorations are bought and simply placed around your Camp, you can move them anytime you please by simply hitting the decorate button again and moving the decoration to your desired spot.

Relics are bought and need materials to complete. Upon completion, the relics will provide materials once a day. These materials may be used to build other relics and complete missions.


There are numerous materials within the game. Examples include water, wood, and figs.. These are used to finish certain missions as well as build different relics. These materials may be dug up on resource islands, sent and requested from friends, picked up when visiting friend’s camps, and more. Materials are automatically place into your inventory and when they are used for missions or relics are automatically deducted from your inventory as well.


While travelling, you will also be asked to fulfill certain missions. Completing missions reward you with a variety of items. Often there is the option to purchase missing items for a mission if you want to complete it more quickly, or ask friends for help.


Every several maps there is a puzzle map. Watch for clues while digging through sites in order to solve these puzzles later.

Energy and Max Energy

Energy is required to dig and proceed through the game. Your maximum energy is displayed at the top with the lightning symbol. You can increase your Max Energy by completing certain missions. If you wish to stop Moses from searching a currently selected tile to save your energy for a different tile you may hit the stop button in the lower right corner to stop Moses.

Energy Refill

Your energy may be refilled through time, food, leveling up, or by purchasing energy refills. There are various ways to get food – digging, gifting, and daily bonus. When you level up your energy meter refills automatically as well. Energy may also be refilled by energy refills purchased in the shop, these energy refills are applied right away and not put into your inventory so make sure you buy them when you want to use them.

Courage Meter

The courage meter is the 4 hearts you see in the upper right corner. Certain guards will require you to have a certain amount of courage in order for you to pass. The courage will not be deducted from your meter after talking to the guards. The meter will go down over time. There are a multitude of ways to gain back your courage – visit friends, ask friends for help, click on friends’ posts and newsfeeds, and there is a relic that gives you courage as well.

Special Premium Tools

Within the shop there are premium tools you may purchase to aid you and Moses in your long journey. Two are the Golden Flyswatter and Golden Hammer. These help you get past those pests and rocks with ease. While using these tools, you will not use any energy, and will get rid of those pests in one click!

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  1. most of the time cant get game to load


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