Go Fishing: The Facebook Game

Go Fishing: The Facebook Game
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Go fishing is new Facebook social game where you can fish in the locales. In the game, you can make good use of different devices such lures and baits to capture varied fishes. If you are new to this game, you can follow the tutorial to complete quests and become a Fishman champion!

Great Start to what I think will be an epic fishing game :) . Cute and clear graphics, minor issues, but this is beta after all ;) Needs a better help system for newcomers, catching a fish can take big of figuring out when there is no help on it.

Overall this will be a 5 star game. But as it stands in beta and until the developer prove…s their commitment to the game and it’s community (which they seem to be off to a reasonable start) I place my review at 4 stars.

Best of luck to the developer, you have a game here many of us have been waiting a long time for :) Now hurry up and get purchasable items in there so we can pay you to make it better ;)

Game FAQs:

Q: The game doesn’t load.

A: Update your Flash player by clicking here: http://get.adobe.com/ru/flashplayer/

Q: There are error messages that make the game reload.

A: The game is in beta testing mode. Please report bugs here: support@go-games.org, or on our Forum.

Catching fish

Q: How do I catch a fish?

A: Equip your rod and press CAST. Watch the float to see when the fish bites. Once it does, press the green STRIKE button and start pulling the fish. To land the fish, press and release the PULL button and keep the bar in the green zone.

Q: What if the bar gets in the red zone?

A: The fish might get away, you might break the tackle or increase its wearout.

Q: What do these indicators show?

A: The green bar is the tension indicator: it shows the load on your tackle. If the bar gets into the right red zone, the tension on your tackle is too high and you rish breaking it. If the bar gets into the left red zone, there is no tension and you might lose the fish.

A: The triangle above the bar shows the distance to the fish. When the triangle reaches the left side of the bar, you land a fish.

Q: How do I equip the rod?

A: You can see your equipped tackle (bait, hook and line) in the bottom right corner of the game window. If one of the icons is black, you need to buy new tackle on the Market. Click on the black icon, or on the Market icon in the main window.

Q: I don’t have a rod.

A: Your rod must have worn out. Press FIX button in the bottom right corner of the main window, or go to the Tackle section of the Market to buy a new rod.

Q: How do I switch tackle?

A: To use another rod that you bought, click on the Backpack icon in the main window, open the Tackle section and click on the rod icons in the bottom to equip them.

A: To switch between different baits, hooks or fishlines that you bought, press the tackle icons next to your rod in the main window, or go to the Tackle section in the Backpack.

Q: The fish doesn’t bite.

A: Wait up to a minute, then pull the rod out of the water and cast it again. Try another bait or tackle combination.

Q: The fish gets away.

A: Don’t let the bar out of the green zones. Check that your tackle is compatible (your hook and line can hold the fish that you intend to catch with this bait). There is always a chance that a big fish bites and your tackle won’t be enough to strike. Upgrade your tackle to be able to catch bigger fish.

Tackle-related questions

Q: How do I catch bigger fish?

A: Get better tackle and experiment with bait on each location to catch bigger fish.

Q: What does MaxWeight parameter of a Rod mean?

A: The higher the MaxWeight parameter, the easier it would be for you to pull out bigger fish.

Q: When does a rod wear out?

A: The rod has a limited resource. It is used every time you land a fish. Letting the fishing indicator into the red zones (while pulling the fish) can speed up the rod wear-out.

Q: Does more expensive fishline help catch bigger fish?

A: Thin fishline might break if a big fish bites. The more expensive, the bigger fish the line will hold.

Q: Does more expensive hook help catch bigger fish?

A: Cheap hook might break if a big fish bites. The bigger the weight indicated on the hook, the bigger fish it will hold.

Game parameters: energy, money, XP

Q: What do the numbers 17/15 on the energy bar mean?

A: You can receive energy higher than your maximum possible energy level, in case you use food items that yield Extra energy. In this case, your energy bar will show numbers like 17/15, i.e. while your normal maximum is 15 points, you have 17 points currently.

Q: How do I get fish steaks?

A: Buy and equip a knife and a pan. Then you can cut the fish you caught (mouse over the fish in your fish cage) and cook it (exchange for fish dishes on the Market).

Q: I caught a fish that gives 4 fish steaks, but I didn’t receive the fish steaks.

A: You can either sell or cook the fish that you caught. To cook fish, you must first cut it into fish steaks (having a knife equipped), and then exchange it for fish dishes in the Market (with a pan equipped).

Fishing gear

Q: What is a fishfinder and how does it work?

A: A fishfinder helps you locate bigger fish and valuable items in the water. After you equip it, it will appear in your main window. Every 15 seconds it shows the size of the fish swimming under the water, ot it may spot a treasure or a quest item. Casting your rod at the moment it shows an object increases your chances to pull it out.

Q: My fishfinder disappeared.

A: Many items in the game have a limited resource. The fishfinders in particular have a limited battery life, and they disappear form your inventory when the battery is out of order.

Locations and fish species

Q: What is a trophy, record or unique fish?

A: Record fish is your personal largest catch. Trophy fish is a fish larger than 75% of the maximum size of its species. Unique fish is a fish larger than 95% of the maximum size of its species.

Friends, gifts and help

Q: A friend has sent me a gift. Where do I see it in the game?

A: Go to your Game Requests on Facebook and accept the gift. Once you load the game, the gift will appear in your Backpack.

Q: I can’t send a gift to a friend.

A: You can only send one gift to each friend every day. If you can not send a gift to a friend, it means that you have already sent a gift to this friend today.

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16 Comments on Go Fishing: The Facebook Game


  1. the game has vanished from facebook since this morning …. i can`t find it anywhere, and when i click play now from here it leads me to my facebook account with no relating news for the game. What happened?

  2. I am constantly told that gift has expired. Also with sending a gift for the quest, I have sent several why does it still say I need to send a gift to a friend to complete? I finally got tired of trying and had to spend a pearl. Ty for your time, and I love this game.


  3. can you help my i lost 20 pearls on my game , i refrest my page and there were gone , help my

  4. i keep loseing my coins and pearls please help me

  5. can i start a new games on go fishing .

  6. bonjour
    si y a du monde intéresser je suis prêt a créer un groupe go fishing francais mon fb sebou go-fish avatar un singe loll

  7. i lost my coins and pearls somebody please help :)

  8. i lost 169 pearls and 6582 coins help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What is the use of the dead fish that it shows under stuff in my backpack

    • after you have completed the quest that requires them, then you will no long need them. i have kept mine in my inventory just in case but so far, i havent found another use for them.

  10. lost all tackle on fishing game how do i get it back

  11. minha vara é muito fraca, e no mercado eu não to achando outra, o que tenho q fazer?

  12. la quette attraper 10 poissons avec le leur brillant bug j’ai beau en attraper rien ne s’affiche et j’ai perdu 21 perles avec ce bug pourrier vous m’aider svp merci d’avance a vous

  13. I not played a long time go fishing ..Now when I came to see me there is not my rod 300+ Hook 300Pro and Line 300Pro help mee ??


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