Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  WonderHill (Now Kabam)
  • Developer:  WonderHill
  • Genre:  
  • Rating Score

War is coming to Atlantis. Seventy thousands years ago, the ancient ones returned. They wove the threads of life again, and created the four tribes of Atlantis. Now these tribes must battle one another for their very survival

Although the continent is doomed, the one tribe that prevails the future of all humankind. But listen well. For the key to winning the war is the dragons.

Dragons of Atlantis is a new Facebook strategy game like Evony, City of Wonder, and Rock Age. You choose from one of tribes like Primus, Solerian, Amazon, Zolmec. Brilliant and cerebral, the Primus are masters of Science and the Blue Engery. The Solerians are cunning organized and unmerciful, and must win at any cost. Mighty and courageous Female Warriors, the Amazon fear no man. The fierce Zolmec are attuned to all living things. Especially the dragons.

Like many strategy city building games, Dragons of Atlantis is also a city building and resource collecting game in which you need to as more as resources like food, wood, stone and metals in order to construct your buildings. You can also form Alliances and invite your Facebook friends to join you in your attempt to conquer Atlantis.

Dragons of Atlantis follows the basic gameplay of Asian free to play browser mmorpgs, but the game is modeled using original music and quality artwork.

List of the troops for Dragons of Atlantis

The porter’s role is to carry heavy loads for the troops. Often they are indentured servants seeking refuge from the wilderness. Some May have cross-bred with Anthropus.

All citizens of the City are drafted for a tour of duty in the army. These conscript forces are not well trained, and match for career troops,, but they serve bravely and with honor.

Spies are an unassuming lot whose psychic abilities help them travel unnoticed and gather intelligence on the enemy telepathically.. They move swiftly, like ghosts in the wind.

The most agile of the warriors, Halberdsmen wield the halberd with grace and precision. They are stealthy and swift attackers.

Minotaurs make an effective sword-wielding infantry. The result of the Ancient One’s more audacious Life Threads experiments. Minotaur are intelligent but vicious, and difficult to control.

Armored transport vehicles safely carry heavy payloads of supplies or plunder, high ablve frenzied battles.

These Gargantuan peoples are the product of the Ancient Ones’s experiments. Giants are peaceful and kind by nature, but will gladly tear apart the enemy in return for the shelter of a friendly city.

The rolling death machince focuses the sun’s power with blue energy, beaming a searing heat ray over long distances.

It panics the enemy as they watch their defences burst into flames.

Game FAQs:

Resources replenish based on their hourly production rate. You can increase your production by doing several things:

* Upgrade your farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in you fields.
* Use production Nanos to increase your production by a day or week. Production Nanos are located in your “Items.” If you run out, you can replenish them by winning them in Fortuna’s Chance, purchasing them from the shop or by receiving a reward in a quest.
* Conquering wildernesses increases resource production rates as long as they are occupied.
* Research agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys in your Science Center.

How do I get more gold?

Gold replenishes based on the hourly production rate. You can increase your production by doing several things:

* Increase your tax rate (in your Fortress)
* Build homes in your city to increase your population which will increase tax revenue and the hourly production rate of gold.
* Build a theater in your city for happier citizens.
* Win gold by trying your luck at Fortuna’s Chance.
* Plundering other players can win you gold and other resources.
* Anthropus camps usually have some gold.

Is there a way I can buy more resources?

No – but you can Play Fortuna’s Chance and try your luck at winning those resources. If you don’t win the resources you need there are several things you can do to increase your resource production:

* Upgrade your farms, lumber mills, mines, and quarries in you fields.
* Use production Nanos to increase your production by a day or week. Production Nanos are located in your “Items” If you run out, you can replenish them by winning them in Fortuna’s Chance, purchasing them from the shop or by receiving a reward in a quest
* Conquering wilderness
* Research agriculture, woodcraft, masonry and alloys in your Science Center

How do I see my friend’s cities?

Currently this is not a feature but it is coming soon!

How do I defend my city or prevent it from being attacked?

The best way to defend and prevent your city from being attacked is by having a powerful city and outnumbering any opponent. In most cases this means more of everything is better. Here are some tips to help protect your city and win your battles:

* Make sure your troops are set to defend your city by clicking on your Wall and make sure your troops are ordered to defend the city
* Upgrade your wall to the highest level you possibly can. Higher level walls have higher defense resistance to protect your city
* Train as many skilled and powerful troops as possible
* Upgrade your Dragons Keep. The higher the level of your Dragons Keep, the stronger your dragon will be to defend your city
* Use a Cease Fire Treaty which provides 12 hours of protection. Cease Fire Treaties can purchased from the Shop or won in Fortuna’s Chance.
* Gain as much power for your city and possible and reach higher levels.

You get a new (better) title for each level you gain. Your level is based on the highest amount of Power you have ever had, and cannot go down. Power is based on the number and level of buildings you have, and the number and type of your troops. High-level buildings and expensive units are worth more Power.

Who can attack my city?

Anyone can attack your city at anytime so be prepared. Build up your troops, upgrade your fortress, fortify your city’s wall and upgrade your Dragon’s Keep.

Note: New players receive 7 days protection from attack to give them enough time to build up their city, resources and troops.

How do I attack another city, wilderness, or Anthropus camp?

Before attacking another city of wilderness you need to:

* Build an Officers’ Quarters
* Appoint a General from the Officers’ Quarters
* Build a Garrison
* Train troops from within the Garrison or by clicking the “troops” button (waving flag) at the upper left.

To attack another city or wilderness, go to the Map and choose any location. When choosing a location to attack, take note of the “lvl” of the location. The higher the “lvl” the more troops and defenses that location has and will be more difficult to attack, but also the greater the riches you’ll win if you conquer them. If you’re just starting out, the best place to attack is a “lvl” lower than your city’s level.

What is the best way to win a battle when I attack another city, wilderness or Anthropus camp?

The best way to win an attack is by outnumbering and overpowering your opponent. In most cases this means more of everything is better. Here are some tips to help you win your battles:

* Send Spies first to get spy reports. Spy reports will give you statistics about the city, camp or wilderness you are about to attack. Note: the more clairvoyance your city has the more detailed the reports will be. To improve your clairvoyance, go to the Science Center and research clairvoyance.
* Attack locations that are a lower level than your city. The higher the “Lvl” the more troops and defenses that location has and will be more difficult to attack, but also the greater the riches you’ll win if you conquer them.
* Research Rapid Deployment, Weapons Calibration, Metallurgy, Medicine, Dragonry and Levitation
* Send your most skillful and powerful troops into battle.

How do I ignore a player’s chat messages?

To ignore all of a player’s chat messages, click on the player’s name in the chat window and select “mute”. Muting a player is temporary and will hide all the chat messages from that player until the next time you re-load the game.

How do I report abuse or inappropriate behavior?

If a player is misbehaving or breaking the chat rules, you can report them to us. To report a player for misconduct, click on the player’s name in the chat window and select “report”

Can I block someone from visiting or attacking my city?

You cannot block a specific player from visiting or attacking your city but you can protect your city from attacks by all players by using a Cease Fire Treaty which provides 12 hours of protection.

Is the happiness of my citizens important?

Yes. Happier citizens use a higher percentage of your population capacity, creating more population and a larger tax base. To create happier citizens build and regularly upgrade a theater, and keep taxes low.

I have run out of empty slots in the fields and cannot build anymore lumber mills, mines, farms or quarries. How do I get more empty slots?

To create empty slots in your field to accommodate more lumber mills, mines, farms or quarries upgrade your Fortress. You can also use a Mass Nullifier to disintegrate an existing building to build something else in that slot.

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80 Comments on Dragons of Atlantis


  1. I cant figure out how to get lvl1 metallurgy can any one help?

  2. is the first primus character(the one in black with blonde hair) a guy or a girl?

  3. can we help alliance members with resources, to say can we transport them to eachother?

    • since latest patch you can trade but you cant select the player you want to sell it to … so i think safest is still to just attack to keep it in the allience .. make shure you can trust the other player tho

  4. You can now send porters or transports with resources within your alliance. Another reason to be within the protection of a good alliance:)

  5. I installed this game and after a week I was banned. I can no longer access the game on my Facebook. My character name was Chalac and my city was named Solidus.
    I was not given a warning that I did anything wrong.

    • i got a final warning saying i had been warned before but i never recieved those warnings. so i know how you feel v.v

  6. After you conquer a wilderness section, should you leave a general and some troops there to protect it or should you call them all home since you get to keep the material boost anyway?

  7. I want to collect battle armor for my great dragon. What is the best way of going about it?

    • get 15000 lbm and 300 at and attack lvl 6 anthro camps, if you get a piece then send in 1 or 2 swift strick dragon to the same camp within 4 minutes and see if you can get another piece off of the same camp. as long as you send in 15000 long bowmen and 300 amored transport then you will not loose a thing

    • Kill some lv 5 or above to get a amor

  8. My current Quest says to grow my population to 250. However, my population shows to be 1100. 340 of which are laboring. Is there something, other than having the population that I need to do so it registers in the game, or is this a glitch of some sort?

  9. Do you play Dragons of Atlantis too? Use this simple guide to get unlimited amounts of rubies credited to your game and dominate your realm

  10. Where is this anthro camp everyone keeps talking about attacking?

  11. Once you send spies and get the report you get a message waiting for report. What then? It says my spies were killed. Why is the message still there?

  12. Mitchell, what guide? That would help all of us.

  13. How do you send resources to someone if they are not in your alliance

  14. I’m all out of food. How do I get more? I have 4 farms all at 8 or higher to produce. They are not producing. What next?

    • u can buy it from the trade on attack wildernesses

    • you should have more than 4 farms, and attack wilderness so you get more food. attack lakes they will get your food production up alot :-) some people dont care about food production they raid antrop camps for food. hope this will help a little.

    • You need to upgrade your fortress so that it opens up more resource sites. I have 10 farms more then anything else. because you need a constant supply of food to increase your troop numbers.

    • attack anthro camps and cities that are weaker in power to you. you should have more farms

  15. Do you play Dragons of Atlantis too? Use this simple guide to get unlimited amounts of rubies credited to your game and dominate your realm

  16. how do you appiont a general i have upgrade that place 100 times

  17. how do you appiont a general

  18. Cant seem to find water dragon egg..been attscking lvl 7-10 lakes over and over for 2 weeks, nothing coming out of it yet, anyone know a trick to find the egg…need to build an outpost

    • my trick is to attack one camp with long bowmen and then follow by dragons, you need to have 7 generals at least. make one attack than the other, and another, make sure that its time right for the long bowmen to get to the camp before the dragons. repeat this on the same camp and you should get the egg quickly.

  19. shawn i spam attacked a lvl 8 lake and got the egg within 15 minutes. first attack with a large amount of lbm´s two times so there isnt any defence, then drop it down to either swift dragons or attack dragons seens they are faster, and send them as fast as you can, not all at once but rather a few with each general. That is what i did to get my water dragon egg.

  20. How do I get more rubies? Is there any way to get them without paying cash?

  21. lilayesha primus master

    why cheating in a game why just to get hard on what you get! cause cheating is unfair so for today ill stop cheating do not cheat because when you cheat your cheating in your friends and it will remove your facebook and you will make again how about your high level games you will do it again………. STOP CHEATING!

  22. i cant play probleme with addobe player

  23. Dragon of Atlantis is the game of games great creation

    • it’s shit.. there is no point to this game other than to mpiss each other off. oohh yay I took someones resources.. but now they cant get em back because my storage vault holds it all.. its complete carebear bullshit

  24. How do i get my idle population up?

  25. I cant open DOL on FaceBook, is there alternative ti open it?

  26. putain de merde, ya pa solutions, cheat code, de manip frauduleuses, pour tricher sur les jeux, face de book, ceux ki proposent c’est soit disant astuces, ils vous prennet bien pour des nigo, ou alor, ils font de la concurrence aux developpeur du jeux, ou des jeux face de book, vous etes ke des pigeons, et eux des voyageurs du virtuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    vous voulez tricher, rester sur les jeux pc ou console
    ou jouer pa, vous tricherez pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i’m having trouble using the dark warp device, i tried to use it but nothing happen, is there something else that is needed for the warps?

  28. New Cheats 2011 cheating-games.blogspot.com/

  29. ce jeux est une grosse arnak!!, j’y joue depuis le mois de décembre 2010 et je viens de le quitté pour les raisons suivante:
    bug et serveur qui ne fonctionne pas en temps réel permanent!!
    support du jeu qui triche en rendant des troupes au joueur cb et ne répond même pas autres
    script de triche ect… ect..
    ne jouer surtout pas a ce jeux vous allez perdre votre temps et vous serez déçu
    faite confiance a qq’un qui en a fait le tours
    ce jeux est une honte de bug et de relation clients!! et je pèse mes mots.. a bon entendeur…

    • eh oui !
      ce jeu est une escroquerie notable !!!
      il faut en incriminer kaabam, regroupement de hacker debile en manque de thune !!
      jamais ils repondent aux messages, jamais ils ameliorent les bug d’apres rapport.
      ce jeu est pas mal, si vous avez l’intention de depenser l’argent des parents ! il il vous faudra depenser une petite fortune pour etre a niveaux !
      sachez que les gens qui n’utiliserons pas leurs cb se verront harceler par tous !
      vraiment, ce jeu, comme les autres tire fric de kaabam, ne valent vraiment pas la peine d’y jouer !
      d’autre jeux, plus complexe, plus beaux et surtout sans bug sont disponible gratuitement sur le net !
      ne perdez pas de temps avec doa: pas la peine de s’enervé pour rien !

  30. I’m having trouble figuring out how to train halbredmen. Not sure what I’m missing. My Garrison is at level 2

  31. When i go to the officers quarters to appoint generals my facebook friends tab doesn’t pop up so that i can select from the friends. I forgot how to fix this

  32. I stuck with researching mercantilism.. need level1 levitation.. how to upgrade levitation??

  33. DoA is the second biggest waste of time in my game search. I spent months doing offers & playing the best I could until I got to 5 million power with 100k+ fts etc…. People started cussing me out in my inbox to get me to quit. I showed proof of this ToS violation to support & they were never blocked. I just had to manually block each of their accounts from contacting me. Constant problems had me in support almost every day. Since it is BETA, I thought they would appreciate the feedback…. Instead, I was wrongfully banned for using scripts or add ons & they expect me to start another account if I want to play again. Whatever! Kabam just got put on my list with Zynga of game networks to avoid due to scams, cheaters & inducing rage spending!

    • i played evony you don’t get those kind of messages for that and everything’s the same only difference is you don’t need to get dragons

    • You can put Dark Orbit by Big Point on your list of browser based games to avoid due to high cost of upgrades.Also since it is based in Germany, all the cheaters, ppl using bots, are left totally alone while word of profanity results in a 24 hour chat ban.

  34. um how do u get out of a ceace fire treasty because i have it and it says while i have it i can’t attack my freinds city….please help i spent so much time building an army of over 10000.

  35. qwewq835ACBE7

  36. Can someone show me how an Amy? i have no idea how to..someone help please?

  37. can someone explain me how to get blue energie

  38. How do u produce “Blue Energy”?

  39. to produce blue energy you need a spectral outpost

  40. i really need a cheat for 500 rubies

  41. is there any way to give or gift troops to members in your alliance?so that they will be able to use them?

  42. For some reason i have 1,500 venom dwellers and i dont know where i got them from and i need to know because there eating all my food

  43. How do i attack somebody

  44. How do i use the troops my friend sent to me?????


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