Dragon Age: Legends

Dragon Age: Legends
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Embark on the adventure on Facebook Fantasy journey, Unlock the achievements of Dragon Age, Be legendary to get rid of demon forces and darkspawns and many more.

The free browser game or Facebook social game Dragon Age Legends is developed by EA, offering the same same world as the console and PC role-playing Dragon Age series. By integrating Dragon Age series into Facebook, EA officially marched into the Facebook social game market after Ubisoft announced its Facebook title Assassin’s Creed: Legacy Project and SQUARE ENIX rolled out its Final Fantasy inspired Knights of the Crystals. More and more companies began to market its core RPGs under the mask of Facebook Social game, directly aiming to draw new potential players roped in, or  more accurately to win both shares in Facebook and console games.

In Dragon Age: Legends, players figure as an trusted ally to the Viscount of Kaiten, Ravi to rescue, Elton, Ravi’s son. Along the way, players will encounter and confront demons and darkspawn in the tactically oriented Dragon world. War echoes across the whole world before the real hero appears to squash the riot. You are one of the legends to bring the land of Thedas in good order.

Through cooperative gameplay and tactical combat against evil minions, players who played Dragon Age origins would have another chance to experience the breath taking action-and-adventure-packed Dragon Age: Legends free of charge before pre-ordering the new sequel Dragon Age2.

EA said with simple control and dynamic gaming mechanism, the game is crafted for players of all ages. The first beta of Dragon Age: Legends is expected to launch in early 2011 and it is more like EA will host beta keys giveaway and invite some testers to perform the pressure and technical testing.

In order to apply for the beta, all that’s required is an BioWare or EA account, a subscription to the Dragon Age Newsletter, and of course, a Facebook account. If you meet those requirements, you can sign up here at its official website . http://beta.dragonagelegends.com/

Now what we can do is wait, rather than take arms, and use tactics to save the protagonist.

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