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Cafeland is about managing a personal restaurant, creating an indoor design, and serving for the customers who frequently visit the place. The main point is that the player’s options increase as the levels go higher as every new level gives him/her the opportunity to earn more and to spend more.

You can find all decorative items in the decorations menu which can be accessed by clicking the “Decoration” button below the game screen.

The “Expand” button is placed in the menu below, symbolized with four side arrows. On condition that you have enough Caféland Cash for the expansion, you can do it at one click.

You have an unlimited option to drag items to the Warehouse when you want to put them away for later use. To do this, open the decoration menu and just hold and drag an object beyond café borders (even on the grass or on the highway), or just drag it exactly on the Warehouse which you can see in the decoration menu, indicated with a box icon. You can not drag floor tiles and wallpapers; instead they go to your Warehouse automatically when you place a new tile on the former.

You always have the option to sell your belongings in your café. To do this, you must put them away in your Warehouse first. There you can find the “Sell” button on each object.
How do I get Caféland Cash?

You are gifted 25 Caféland Cash when you start the game for the first time and you are also gifted 5 Caféland Cash at every new level. Besides, some special quests give you Caféland Cash when you complete them. Caféland Cash helps you to purchase very special items which can not be bought with coins. So in order to have more Caféland Cash, click on the Caféland Cash icon at the top of the game screen and choose one package you’d like to purchase.

Caféland customers provide you with useful tips every time they enter your café. Click on customers to learn the positive or negative comments about you café. Follow their recommendations to improve and upgrade your café.

Visit your café every day, without skipping one, to win the daily bonus. Always keep your counters full so that customers will never leave your café and they will find something to eat.

Completing quests is the other quick way to make more coins in little time. Completing a quest gives you extra money and XP, which means you can pass a level faster.

Visiting your friends helps you to earn daily money rewards. At each visit, you can get many coins, which means the more you visit, the faster you earn.

The popularity bar at the top of the game screen indicates how popular your café is. You must keep the Popularity bar as full as you can to increase the customer flow. To do this, you must pay attention to customers’ opinions. By clicking on customers, you can see if they have a negative opinion. Follow the tips to compensate these complaints so that you will

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