Auto Hustle

Auto Hustle
  • Release Date:  2010/10
  • Publisher:  Metrogames
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Social game
  • Rating Score

Some online game developers have all ideas and expertise but refused to make a unique social game for Facebook, only bringing the old-fashioned Farming game and Mafia Wars-themed genre on the over-crowed Facebook family.

However, Metrogames behind Fashion World and Mall Dreams went the separate way with its competitors while delivering Facebook fans a role-playing game based on the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Series.

At the first glance, the game looks like the Mafia War, and Crime City in terms of Character appearance and graphics, but when you finished the creation of your characters, you will find it totally different from the repeated Mafia talks. You will be given a job to do via a phone call, which is somewhat original and then you will be told how to do the job using your Arrow keys Up, Down, Right, Left to control your characters in the downtown city.  Of course, before you complete your job, you will have to drive a car. After you find your target Car using the ingame mini map, you will have to switch to click on the mouse to get in the car. Your journey starts.

This was not exactly GTA…mouse control or keyboard control…there is no such thing as both.

My first job is “New Kid on the Block”. I just clicked on the Accept, and then I had a murmur talk with the NPC, the old man. Here I would like to say, the game is not Newbie-friendly, because the control cannot be satisfying and even you always had accidents in broad daylight.  Players may not know how does that work and what the ultimate goal is?  Even the developers said players could stole other vehicles by performing missions and invite your friends to work together shooting anything.

In Auto Hustle, you can focus on the mission, or try to make troubles among citizens and city buses. While running around, or driving your car, you can shoot or run down everything to earn energy and health. However, the policemen never sit and watch and you may be cased when you did too much.

There are many missions that require a certain amount of friends to unlock. This means that you have plenty of friends to progress through the game. There are also gifts to help build certain elements, like a bazooka, you need your friends to send you the parts.

The new social game Auto Hustle was just released and it has some bugs and glitches. It complicates people to when they are trying to figure out if programmer was trying to make it easier. But over all it was given the Troll grade. I felt it was stupid and remake of GTA first one. Mouse control I have say or joystick yeah that would been better but this game isn’t exactly automatic control it was hard and making me have headache.

Admittedly, Auto Hustle can not be really like GTA games, and It has some spotlight and disadvantages. But as a social game for Facebook, Auto Hustle does give the Facebook fresh air. If the developers continue improving the game, it will be More fun.

My suggestions:

1, Add a detailed tutorial

2 Make the car control easier

3, Always tell your users what to do in the next like give some notice

4, Make more items available for free.

5, Why not make a Newbie-friendly interface.

6, Try to build a real GTA game

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