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Alicia: Horse and My Story

Alicia: Horse and My Story
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  Ntreev Soft
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Simulation
  • Rating Score

Alicia: Horse and My Story is new concept massive multiplayer online sports simulation in which you can race and compete with other players riding your mount horse, which is developed and published by Korea-based Ntreev Soft Gametree,

Be determined to make a new life, breed horses out, own a great racing stable, race with thousands of players.

In Alicia Online, your horse could jump, fly, do the way you wish. where you feel the speed and rhythm, role-play a racer managing your beloved horses.

According to thisisgame.com, the game will have more features like battle in horse with players, and monsters. In the upcoming development, Alicia will be added to more interesting gameplay and fun elements. Players could cast magic to fight and defend.

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12 Comments on Alicia: Horse and My Story


  1. i love horse

  2. Will be an english version?

  3. is this a bad joke – putting a “play now” button for a game that is available only for Korean sitizens and that requires Korean papers and phone number even to register?

  4. yes :( I want to play this game but it is horrible!

  5. Alquem me ajuda,ñ consigo baixar esse jogo!?

  6. Somebody help me, ñ can download this game!?

  7. I really love this game and i really want to understand and play this game because is very cool and fun.I love and i will love the horses 4ever.:X I’m sooo sad:(((:(( I want this game in english.Hope do Alicia online in USA in march.:X

  8. i wanna play the god dam game but its in god dam flippin koren!!!!!!! And putting play now and go on to gametree!!!!!

  9. i like horses I have breyer of them

  10. I think the english version will never come because already for four years people are asking this. Also I have read that you can win a contest and that you can get a timecard. Maybe is the arrangement for international payment a problem, maybe that the costs to make the game international won’t be cover by the benefits. However what the reason is it’s socks and the developing DEV company should shame itselfs to not make that effort. While many people want to play it. And I hope that it will be someday in english

  11. its a great game i tried it and i believe many will play it once it comes out on english (if it ever does)

  12. im trying to play this games and it wants my sucurity number and i put it in and it keeps say inccorect number so i dont know what to do i want the play this games so so bad


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