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The simulation games here offer you realistic experience and purposes such as online training, management, and evolving. We have business tycoon online, Horse Story and many more simulation games.

Cities in Motion

Posted on  Jan 4,2011  02:01 , by EDWARD WONG

A perfect city doesn’t always end with beautiful people, a prospering housing market, and convenient commodities. The final piece in the jigsaw lies in the transport system, to link these together. That is exactly what the player will be in charge of in Finnish studio developers Colossal studios’ new simulation video game, Cities in Motion. [...]



Posted on  Oct 11,2010  08:10 , by EDWARD WONG

The night is setting in, New York City, however, hasn’t totally fallen asleep. Up on the highway, furies and noises are just getting inflamed. Bikini babies, street-loafers, and all those wild night animals are now checking out at the same direction: a glistening S.F Ferrari and a vintage-black GP 21 engine Benz lining up shoulder [...]


Rulers of Nations

Posted on  Oct 6,2010  07:10 , by EDWARD WONG

Rulers of Nations is the sequel of Geo-Political Simulator developed by French gaming company Eversim. The new geopolitical simulation game Rulers of Nations boasts a few innovations and improvement such as current world’s situation, new scenarios as well as additional game modes. Players role play as country bosses, or prime ministers of state or governments [...]


Kapi Hospital

Posted on  Sep 16,2010  06:09 , by EDWARD WONG

The free browser game Kapi Hospital is the latest masterpiece by German-based upjers. The game itself as the title tells, is a hospital simulation that is completely free to play. The concept of what Kapi Hospital might be similar to My Free Farm or Kapi-Regnum that have already been published. Tasks in Chapter Hospital Players [...]


Supermarket Mania

Posted on  Sep 13,2010  04:09 , by EDWARD WONG

As business-keeping titles taking precedence step by step in the social gaming world, you may have got quite familiar with all the nuts and bolts of running a restaurant, a club or a fashion store. However, managing a supermarket is a whole new story which requires some other qualities you may very well lack of. [...]


Manager Mania

Posted on  Sep 10,2010  01:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Manager-Mania is a massive multi-player online sports game where players are given total managerial control of a virtual football (soccer) team. Your task is to bring to your fantasy football club to glory. During your career as a manager you will play against many teams from around the world. As your career develops, you may [...]



Posted on  Sep 9,2010  03:09 , by EDWARD WONG

The online gaming industry is booming. Much has happened in the last few months. Google, Apple and other digital superpowers have entered the games industry and have large investments made. A German company called United Prototype rolled out a new web browser game Fliplife with social options. After countless hours of development and extensive alpha [...]


Funny Pizza

Posted on  Aug 13,2010  02:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Funny Pizza is a free to play German-based online chef simulator where you can take 150 grams to business, 3 servings of hard work and a pinch of vulgarity … and with luck you will be the most powerful pizza maker of all time. But what exactly you do in Funny Pizza? Quite simply, you [...]


ViVa Football

Posted on  Aug 5,2010  09:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Viva Football is a new social football/soccer manager simulation on Facebook with live interactive game leagues and elaborate system. Experience real fun and play football against thousands of other team managers, Customize virtual stuff and avarta, Train and equip your Team with powerful items on your path to glory. Tactics, training and negotiation, as a [...]


Pirates of Scurvy Pond

Posted on  Aug 3,2010  03:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Journey across the seas, lead the carefree life as a pirate captain. Form a powerful team, improve your ship and put new challenges.  Play Pirates of Scurvy Pond like you were playing Pirates Ahoy in the facebook social networking community. Here you are the boss on board. As captain of your own pirate ship, your [...]


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