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Battlefield Play4Free
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Electronic Arts has brought a new free to play version in and heavily based on past titles in the popular Battlefield series, Battlefield Play4Free.

The version is touted as a ‘best of Battlefield’, containing many of the popular features included in previous versions. This includes maps from Battlefield 2, and weapons and vehicles, including helicopters and jets, from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The engine has been slightly updated, and will also come in HD, meaning graphics will be even better than before. As with Battlefield 2, the game will be in a modern theatre of war, with modern weapons and unlike Battlefield Heroes, Warface modern visuals. Many were put off by the ‘cartoon’ style graphics in Battlefield Heroes, and Electronic Arts has taken note of this and reverted back to the modern graphics as seen in previous titles.

As the game will be free to play for players, Battlefield Play4Free will work in the same financial model as Battlefield Heroes, financed by in-game micro transactions. This means the availability of customisable items purchasable, and other in-game advantages. According to Electronic Arts, the majority of transactions in Battlefield Heroes are for customised items and visuals, meaning the balance in game play should not be disturbed between paying and non-paying players.

Electronic Arts have already stated that Battlefield Heroes will continue to be developed, as they plan on developing to the game at the same time, as they both differ in gaming experience. According to Electronic Arts themselves; “Battlefield Heroes is more light-hearted, arcade-like and cartoony. Battlefield Play4Free is more serious, realistic, violent and gritty”. They have already stated that both games will be linked; meaning completing certain tasks and objectives in one will unlock features in the other. Not only that, but the game will also be linked with the upcoming and highly anticipated Battlefield 3, providing even more of an incentive for players to play this free version.

The closed-beta of Battlefield Play4Free has already begun for selected members of the Battlefield community, and an open beta is scheduled to start in early 2011. Those who wish to participate can apply on the official Electronic Arts website, at http://battlefield.play4free.com/ .

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