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Blacklight Retribution

Posted on  Jun 6,2011  01:06 , by EDWARD WONG

MMO publisher Perfect World and PC game developer Zombie Studio presented us a new MMOFPS Blacklight Retribution at E3 2011, which is simply based on BlackLight: Tango Down. Blacklight, previously announced under the title Blacklight 2, was officially confirmed as a Free 2 Play multiplayer online shooter, which is different from its predecessor and even [...]


Karma Online

Posted on  May 30,2011  02:05 , by EDWARD WONG

Attack aircrafts pierce the grey skyline with its wings, indifferently wounding the land below with dropped bombs; tanks rumble forward slowly, imprinting deep trails into the field and scanning muzzles back and forth for next victim; and the infantry scatter in every corner of the battlefield, struggling to down enemies before they are fell. The [...]


Ghost Recon Online

Posted on  May 25,2011  03:05 , by EDWARD WONG

Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon has been developed as a free MMOTPS. The game is a quest-based multiplayer tactical online shooter in 3rd-person perspective, and the game will be available for free with micro transaction support. Ghost Recon Online is expected to launch in the summer of 2011. This new title offers three different [...]



Posted on  May 24,2011  02:05 , by EDWARD WONG

In the future dark London, you brave yourself to fight all the evils that stand in your way. You conquer the world scorched by the demons. In free to play MMO HellGate Globa, you will enter a dark world of terror and threats. Developed by T3 and published by HanbitSoft, Hellgate promises players futuristic world [...]



Posted on  Mar 14,2011  04:03 , by EDWARD WONG

A scotching day is switching swiftly into coolness and then to coldness in the vast desert, which spreads up and down through hummocks into infinity; nothing is stirring except the subtle movement of prolonged shadows of some tilted wooden railings and dilapidated deserted houses cast down on the ground by the setting yet flaring sun. [...]


Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

Posted on  Mar 14,2011  12:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Take a CY craft to the 1980s to experience the grand scenery of American Civil War! You can choose to be a warrior fighting for freedom and prosperity of newly-emerged capitalists, or devote yourself to the protection of plantation owners’ interest. You are the decider of their final destiny! Pronounced by Paradox Interactive on March [...]


Rush Team

Posted on  Feb 24,2011  05:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Get ready for action-packed battles: With powerful weapons, combat helicopters, jet fighters, you are poised to attack other vehicles, pitting you against rival players in the exciting battles … The MMOFPS Rush Team is the latest Chinese online game by KingSoft which also develops the MMO First person shooter Mission Against Terror. While Rush Team [...]



Posted on  Feb 21,2011  07:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Searching for a new online shooting game? Cannot wait for next generation MMOFPS? Well, a new military multiplayer online game called Hessian may give you some fresh ideas on how to implement teamup work and fight in an massive scale. Hessian is a Korean MMO third person shooter that was set in the future 2012 [...]


Metal Assault

Posted on  Feb 15,2011  01:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Missions to explore the city of HERZ and protect it from being wrecked and devastated, as well as to hold the zombies’ advance and attack back are lying ahead! Make yourself equipped with the most antipersonnel guns and join in the battles for peace and security in this Aeria game! Metal Assault, a 2D shooter [...]


Line of Defense

Posted on  Feb 8,2011  12:02 , by EDWARD WONG

Though a vastly different game type and featuring a brand new game engine designed and developed from the ground up, the Line Of Defense game is based on the All Aspects game series by 3000AD, Inc. You know how there are many Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate games, movies etc all with a different premise, [...]


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