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Hailan Rising

Posted on  Mar 3,2011  02:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Do you marvel at the soul-stirring charm exuded from the movie 2012? Have you imagined in your mind’s eye the scenario of our world after the doomsday? Are you longing to experience first-hand the thrilling post-apocalyptic fantasy world? Every reverie of yours can come true in Hailan Rising! Hailan Rising, developed by Reloaded Productions, a [...]


Travia 2

Posted on  Jan 12,2011  03:01 , by EDWARD WONG

The moment when Travia is back online as Travia2, many questioned about its originality. Would this spin-off simply lean on the previous hit by cobbling the old features up or get inspired differently into something brand new? Would it just pick up from where the great fantasy left for lame sequels or set out for [...]


Pandora Saga

Posted on  Dec 8,2010  08:12 , by EDWARD WONG

Developed by Rosso Index and published by Atlus Online is a free mmo game called Pandora Saga. Welcome to a MMORPG based on four main classes and many sub classes to choose from. The main four are Warrior, Scout, Acolyte, and Mage. You will be placed in the world of three nations and it is [...]


Bloodline Champions

Posted on  Nov 2,2010  06:11 , by EDWARD WONG

Billed as a Arena PvP-driven fighting game, Bloodline Champions is developed by the Swedish gaming company Stunlock Studios and published by Funcom, the developer of Age of Conan and The Secret World. The partnership between Stunlock Studios and Funcom was announced on May 13, 2010. The online multiplayer arena-motivated game Bloodline Champions has been tested [...]


Warlord Battlegrounds

Posted on  Sep 13,2010  03:09 , by EDWARD WONG

Captivate you in an enchanting combat world, Join the epic adventure with your teammates and friends, be a warlord in the whole gaming world, engage you in the challenging PVP fighting. Burst Online Entertainment, the Philadelphia start-up quietly opened its door to social gamers and browser game fans, representing its first free browser game Warlord [...]


Max Pow

Posted on  Aug 25,2010  01:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Max Pow is a Chinese flash browser game’s localized version and the Chinese name is called 乱武 that literally means disorderly Fighting. The free browser game offers multiplayer mode in which players could challenge or fight against each other. The game is also known as a casual action game with RPG and social elements. This [...]


Lost Saga

Posted on  Jul 26,2010  03:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Lost Saga is a free to play casual fighting MMO game in which you can choose from a host of characters each with their own unique fighting style, weapons, armor and skills. Pick your favorite heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and myth and fight alongside your friends, or against them, in an all-out-brawl for the ages! [...]


Zone 4: Fight District

Posted on  Jul 23,2010  04:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Zone 4: Fight District is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) fighting game where players are able to go PVP as King of Fighters or Rumble Fighers delivers full of action and fighting. Zone 4: Fight District is published by OGPlanet, a leading North American publisher of online games. Become the legend in the ever [...]



Posted on  Jun 29,2010  02:06 , by EDWARD WONG

The free browser game takes you to 1001 in the East long since past. 1001 is played for free, without annoying downloads, when and where ever you want and the current with only a Web browser. Once, the Caliphate of Nurya the Pearl of the Orient. A land of wonders and legends, the desert warrior [...]


Magic: The Gathering – Tactics

Posted on  Jun 28,2010  07:06 , by EDWARD WONG

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics brings the popular trading card game to the PC and Playstation 3 with a 3D, turn-based, online multiplayer environment, where players take the role of a Planeswalker, a powerful mage that can command powerful spells and creatures. All five colors of magic will be available for players along with a [...]


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