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Wukong Online – Journey to the West

Wukong Online – Journey to the West
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  govtc
  • Developer:  LineKong
  • Genre:  
  • Rating Score

“Wukong Online – Journey to the West” is a Chinese 2D free to play MMORPG based on one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature “Journey to the West“. Originally published by LineKong in China, 西游记在线 (Sun WuKong Online – Journey to the West) brought a widespread demestic rustle among Chinese youth.

Background Story:

During Ming Dynasty, a young monk named Tang xuangzan who set out to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures for China. From there, Journey to the West was started with Xuanzang and his power disciples who aid and protect him on his journey, conquer 81 quests, defeat various monsters, find out the Buddhist sutras and being a legend for next generation.

Since then, the world enjoyed a peaceful harmony until a day people forgot all the sadness and quests before, wasted Buddhist Sutras. In order to get them back to Buddhism, Bodhisattva fended off Sutras and divided world up into 6 different realms. Taking advantage of this occasion, monsters have risen up. Buddha sent down 6 deities, created 6 sects with 72 various transforms, received disciples to root out all the monsters, bring the happiness and a peaceful world back to people.

But to succeed in doing something, you have to face and conquer one or a lot of challenges along the way to “Wukong Online – Journey to the West”. It depends on your tolerance, passion, team work and fighting skills. Let’s get it started by joining and experiencing from now. Another thing to remind you that do not forget to join in our community on fansite below.”

Sun Wukong in WuKong Online – Journey to the West

Liu Xiao Ling Tong (六小龄童 or 章金莱) was known for his portrayal of Sun Wukong in the the TV Show Series “Journey to the West”. In 2010, Liu Xiao Ling Tong invovled himself in the trouble of being a spokesman for WuKong Online. learn more here.

Free MMORPG Wukong Online – Journey to the West Coming in North America

In 2011, Govtc (Three Kingdoms Online) partnered with China-based LineKong to bring Wukong Online in North America. Currently, there is only a teaser site available.

In free mmorpg WuKong Online, you role play as a Chinese historical character by choosing from 6 Factions and perform quests assigned by NPCs. Like all Chinese MMORPGs, WuKong Online is characterized by Equipment System, Item Crafting and Upgrading, Skill Systems, Master and Apprentice System and Mount System. If you played Perfect World’s MMORPGs, you will have a deep understanding of WuKong Online, because these mmorpgs have the same game machamism as being utilized in most of Chinese MMORPGs such as Dragon Oath, Forsaken World and Zentia.

My personal Conclusion:

With respect to the theme of this mmo, Wukong Online – Journey to the West could, with no doubt, attract Chinese gamers. However, If this MMO is brought beyond China, It cannot work well apparently.

Here are some reasons I hold:

1, Old-fashioned graphics.

2,Unbalanced Class.

3, Non-User-friendly interface.

4, Huge difference between Chinese Culture and Western Value.

5, Slow-paced Battle

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