Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  Playa Games GmbH
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Adventure
  • Rating Score

Shakes & Fidget is a classic browser game that can be played without downloading any software and you can play it directly online with multiplayer model. Shakes & Fidget is completely free, and the game was first released in German and the English version of Shakes and Fidget is released in early 2010.

Upon the start of the RPG Shakes & Fidget, you are required to select and customize your character based on your eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, ears, hair, hair color, which can be completely configured individually.

Shakes & Fidget is a really successful browser game. Graphics are the successful S & M comic book style – WoW players who are familiar with S & F will definitely love it. I just wanted to take a quick  play.  Also you can use great additional features – a flying mount or a great new weapon – with small investment of your real money. But this is not a must.

In addition, you can choose between the races such as Orcs, Dark Elves, goblins, demons, gnomes, dwarves, elves and humans. With the appropriate class (warrior, mage or scout), Shakes and Fidget gives you more genuine WOW Feels.

In the tavern, you will be assigned with orders or missions, known as quests, and you can accept depending on your capability of achievement. Just click away and you will begin your adventure. Once you comeplete the tasks, you will have different options to choose different amounts of reward, experience. Each quest will is a rewarding adventure, depending on the duration of the quest that you want to select.

Of course, Shakes & Fidget offers a lot of action. Whoever is looking for PVP gaming could visit the arena where you can compete with other players and win honor and gold depending on how strong you are.

You have completed enough quests? You lack some gold or you just want to have more gold than Uncle Scrooge? The City Guard is constantly looking for new heroes to take care of the city. You can always apply looking for a job and consequently gain more gold and experience in Browser MMORPG Shakes & Fidget.

Heroes cannot be real heroes if they are short of suitable and decent equipment, as well as a admiring mount. If necessary, you can buy an equipment in the shop in order to get well armored. It is certainly worthwhile!

Shakes & Fidget – The Game

The mushrooms can be either found with five-percent chance in quests, or bought from the dealer NPC. Payment will be popular with all of these transfer methods, by credit card via PayPal to SMS, everything is possible. Since this is the main source of income for the developer, and these elements mainly support the game to further develop. With mushrooms you hold the advantage of leveling up faster.

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16 Comments on Shakes and Fidget


  1. DO YOU NOW HOW to make macherooms

    do you now how to make macherooms

  2. yes you need to…
    fuck yourself

  3. Today I have deleted my account from Shakes & Fidget. For many reasons, first being the complete lack of anything tempting in the game. You fight all time but there is no challenge, so what’s the point?
    The gameplay is very simple. You create a character and then boost his abilities. The more you boost, the better he will fight. There are various ways of improving stats, and each has a simple benefit – everything +1.
    The artwork takes you further, makes you think it can’t be so simple. But, unfortunately it is. All you do is wait. The devastating part is that there isn’t a thing that’s in your hands. You can pay if you’re impatient though. But why would you? The whole game is like a fat man overeating. You never get enough of building up stats. Take a look at someone on the top of the Hall of fame list. Strength over 4 000? Over 5 million hit points? It sounds dull already.
    The thing I dislike the most is the Arena. This is the place in the game where you can fight other players, win or lose. I was surprised when I found out that you can also check the Hall of fame list and find someone weaker than you, and attack him. You wouldn’t gain a lot of fame by killing a weakling, but you will lose a lot if you suffered a defeat from someone way stronger than you! The bottom line being – if you want to go upwards on the list you’ll have to thread on the weak! And I don’t like it. If you take on a stronger opponent, you’re not rewarded, the game even punishes you! Perhaps I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the rewards weren’t called Medal of bravery, ‘cause bravery I know from reading dictionaries, playing games and living this life is nothing resembling this one.

  4. i love shakes and fidget


    La royale guile recrute sur le serveur 1 en francais.

  6. stfu up newbs im #1

    stuf up newbs im #1 in sf

  7. This game is a great way to waste time. It has nice animations and I believe it is intentionally broken so that it mocks WoW. If you want to play a serious game, you might as well play that. This is a perfect game for people who have a life but still find a few minutes in the day to waste.

  8. I’ve got a part-time job antique hardware bbs At least there are some positive comments here.To me, it’s as if Nubiles forgot that a little cortozone cream on the irritated shaved pussy, a little tan spray, some make up and red toenail polish, might have actually made her a Cutie. Zero points for the photographers on this one!!!


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