Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  GamesCampus
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  
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Legend of Edda is a free to play action massively multiplayer online game where players are inmmersed into the Greek mythological world and play as either the Gods of the Olympus, or the Titans, the hostile factions.

Embark on the epic PVR battles with your friends in the childhood, Experience the most breathtaking PVP againt your oppsoing targets. Raise a lovely pet to assist with your battle

Legend of Edda is characterized by anime characters, and fast-paced intense battle. Upon the questing, players could discover more fascinating places and complete different missions in the Standard, Main Story/Scenario, Class Specific as well as PVP, Faction available.

explore an enchanting new world of myth and lore, hardcore PVP, endles customization, a compelling art syle like no others!

Legend of Edda offers a deep class system including six options: Warrior, Swordsman, Assassin, Archer, Cleric and Wizard. Players will be able to choose their character’s first class during initial character creation and upgrade to subclasses by completing promotion quests and eventually upgrading to different classes while obtaining greater and more powerful skills. A unique portal system will make transporting among maps and areas seamless and keeps the gameplay flow intense. Players can also look forward to instanced dungeons, monsters, a special pet system, and four varieties of quests!

Key Features:

* Sacred Treasure Battle: Death-match PVP between 2 factions. Bonuses for winning faction, from items to buffs.

* Instanced dungeons to allow for more personalized runs for your party with numerous difficulty settings, puzzles, traps for items and exp rewards

* Comprehensive Pet System with assistive skills.

* Teleportation System with easy world roaming to maintain flow of gameplay

* Unique Monsters – Five ranks of monsters each with unique abilities and drops

* 5 grades of weapons and large amounts of customization thru strengthening and enchanting

* God power skill system, skills of the gods as rewards from Faction vs. Faction battles (stronger than character skills)

Hero Classes, ability to change your character into a hero. Upgraded appearance, weapons, skills, and abilities

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5 Comments on Legend of Edda


  1. i hope legend of edda will allow ONEBIP mobile payment so I can easily purchase stuffs on the item mall in the future :) . It’s a more convenient payment process for players in Europe. thanks

  2. I live in Australia and credit card/paypal is the only options we ever get for 95% of the MMORPG. Someone needs to start a global mobile payment system for it. Be so much better and easier.

  3. some one needs to take out some of the cheats some of them make it unfair:(


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