Dreamland Online

Dreamland Online
  • Release Date:  2010/11
  • Publisher:  IGG
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  MMO, Adventure
  • Rating Score

Embark upon the dark journey to smooth out the monstrous threats ahead, Shoulder the missions to go questing the dangerous and challenging world…

Presented as a free to play 3D side-scrolling MMORPG, Dreamland Online immerses the player into a fantasy world of fairy tales, halfway between dreams and nightmares.

The game world includes several themes, the boomtown in the dark and deep forest through evil infested castles. Among other peculiarities in Dreamland Online,  It is likely for players to capture all monsters, to be trained and used as pets, which can fight alongside the player, gain skills and can be customized according to player’s wishes. Moreover, Pets can enhance the capabilities of player’s character according to their own abilities.

Dreamland Online also boasts a myriad of quests, according to various scenarios and different missions. To fill them, the characters learn many different skills (both active and passive), paving the way for “colorful and explosive spells.

Beyond the combat, the MMO Dreamland Online offers several social options: the ability to marry, setting out to hunt insects, fish or even build a house …

Dreamland Online is published by IGG.com, publisher and distributor of Chinese Free to play MMORPGs and social games (free to play MMORPG means MMORPG that is freely downloadable and playable without subscription).

In the beautifully designed cyber world with 3D rendering technology, Dreamland Online has exquisite anime-styled characters and charming scenes. like Maple Story, or the recent NosTale and Dragon Saga.

Dreamland Online takes place in a once-peaceful place, which is deadly plagued by the hideous Evil fogs, and where Players role play a character to fend off the invasion and fight for glory.

The game system also offers equal rewarding experiences to various players. Intense and competitive battles, storyline extensive quests and chances to build their own home can fully satisfy varied demands of different players. And there is large proportion of PVP with several modes available to players.

Brave your way into the adventure-themed Dreamland online! Your people pin the hope on you, the only Hero in good Faith.

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