Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul
  • Release Date:  2011/2
  • Publisher:  Neonga
  • Developer:  Giant Games
  • Genre:  
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Are you are a PVP gamer? do you want to develop your empire and engage in the epic PVP Fightings? Have you been ever preparing to raise a new pet or buy a new mount in free to play 3D MMORPG? Dragon Soul may be your choice…

The free mmorpg Dragon Soul is a PVP-focused MMORPG that is developed by Chinese online game maker Giant Games (King of Kings 3) and published by German mmo publisher Neonga. Using advanced self-developed 3D game engine, Dragon Soul is an exceptionally visual pleasure as players are engaged in exciting massive wars between different empires. The Chinese title is called 龙魂, you can play its Chinese version here.

The backstory of Dragon Soul is set in a shattered postwar world, where 8 enemy kingdoms allied together and waged an invasive warfare against one another. The attack of allied force was so fierce that even put that mighty kingdom in defensive stance. At last, the kingdom, which boasts its once glorious history of more than 600 yrs, was annihilated after withstanding the siege of enemy hordes for 3 years. Nowadays, it’s been 150 years since the fall of the mighty empire; another battle bursts among those ex-allied countries. Each country schemed to claim the lost artifact, which was buried underneath the ground together with the ruins of the empire. So which country will you stand for? Are you capable of securing your own king’s reign by compelling other forces?

In Dragon Soul, there are 5 different classes, 160 unique skills and more than 900 quests available to test your strength. A wide variety of different pets can be up-brought.to fight side-by-side with you so that players will never feel alone.

Each MMO bears a unique feature which makes it distinguish to others and Dragon soul is not an except. As per the folklore of ancient tribes once lived in this world, the dragon is regarded as the benevolent protector of people and symbolized warriors strength and skills. So the tribal clerics carved stamp seals with dragon symbol engraved and sealed the dragon symbol into the forehead of their mightiest warriors; meanwhile, they imbued the symbol with ancient enchantment as well as the essence of the dead warriors, which made these fighters even more powerful. In the game, players need to master some prerequisite skills and piece together all the required ingredients before creating a stamp seal. Dragon symbol not only affect the cosmetic appearance of a character, but also grant a character some new special moves, which consume ‘dragon soul’ to execute.

DragonSoul is also operated in the so-called free-to-play business model, which enables people to stock up on various premium items which help to boost the avatar´s abilities and equipment or level up faster.

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Background Story:

Dragon Soul is set in an ancient Chinese fantasy world. After 3 years of conflict and war, the Bi Luo Dynasty has fallen after ruling the central plains for 521 years. After 150 years, a rivalry surfaced among the kingdoms of Qin Ling, Mu Yuan, Pei Shui and Yun Ze, trying to overthrow their former alliance. At the same time, the people of the central plains were suffering from the forces of the Mystic Sword Guild, the Black Flag Legion, the Valley of Venom and the Five Dragon Manor. The plague was linked to a rumor of an ancient, powerful artifact that disappeared in the depth of underworld 600 years ago with the fall of Bi Luo Dynasty. Towns and cities were being torn down, families broke apart and the people drifted away from their homelands… Now you, hungry and exhausted, fall unconsciously after running away from gangsters. You wake up to find yourself in a remote village.

Dragon Soul game features

Dragon Soul is a PvP centric MMORPG where players battle in the empires while factions plan for large scale campaigns regularly. Balanced challenges, double crosses, one on one PK, continent-wide campaigns, and exciting PvP experiences are found all over the continent, thus forging the core gameplay for Dragon Soul.

There are four professions in game. The mighty warriors, agile hunters, assassins, and powerful magi, each with two specializations that characters can develop. Warriors have dual-wielding and two-handed abilities, hunters can develop either bow or crossbow techniques, mages possess the power of fire and ice, and assassins can advance in either assault or stealth abilities. Aside from two specializations, each profession also possess a line of tactical skills shared by both specializations. With four major classes, a total of 8 directions for character advancement, and numerous tactical skills, players can build their unique combat style from a large combination of skills.

Certain skills if used in the right sequence, can produce even greater effect than the sum of the skills individually, adding more fun and surprises in monster hunting and PvP.

Dragon Soul is developed using our most advanced 3D engine, features full camera angles, a seamless world of exotic lands and real-time lighting technology. The stunning visual quality allows players to experience beautiful environments and weather, as well as hundreds of special effects on powerful armors and weapons.

Pets and mounts, trade professions, achievement records, large scale battles to seize control of zones – Dragon Soul has them all. With constant monitoring and fine tuning, we aim to bring the best and most complete gaming experience to players.

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