Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest
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  • Publisher:  Nexon
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  • Genre:  Fantasy
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‘Dragon Nest’ is the new 3D fantasy action MMORPG with a fast-paced gameplay and wonderful 3D artwork of graphics. You are taken to the world of Lemuria where your endless fights begin. The game’s scoring point is the most dynamic combat system, as well as the randomized dungeons, just in case you might be bored with the monotonous one.

Dragon Nest, developed by Eyedentity and published by Nexon, is a 3D free-to-play massively multi-player online role play real-time action game. The story originates in a fantasy world where age-old feud turns life topsy-turvy and dragons infest.

In order to rid the fictional village of these deadly monsters, players are expected to battle them in the underground cities or to accumulate enough skills to transform into mighty dragons. This much-acclaimed ROG will by all means impress gamers with its magnificent visual treat, stunning sound effects, soul-stirring story lines, and among others, the perfect on-line interaction with teammates and even game creators.

The instance-based combat experience provided by free mmorpg Dragon Nest will be much thrilling than you can ever imagine. The boundless 3D space will grant gamers endless possibilities for quests. Apart from blood-shedding, players can at the same time get involved in the normal life of the village by shopping items, accepting missions, chatting with other characters.

In Dragon Nest, players will never feel out of alliance in their combats if they like to make it a team work. A maximum of 4 players, even of different levels can from up to fight dragons in the underground city or in remote areas which will be generated automatically in the game as scenario changes.

MMO Dragon Nest truly provides a platform for gamers to show off their talents for warfare maneuver. Players will find, as they progress bit by bit into the nest of dragons, that what matters is not how much blood has been shed, but how well you utilize your fighting skills and strategies with the assistance of personalized weapons and the cooperation of your teammates.


Blending the best parts of 3D action-based games and on-line role-play games, Dragon Nest excites gamers with giant ferocious Boss and nail-biting PvP confrontations. Players are expected to fight their way through the designated areas with much resilience and adroitness.

In Dragon Nest, players will find themselves immersed in dream-like interfaces as the story rolls on.

The visual impact of course doesn’t stop here. So many options for fancy outfits, and for delicate fighting skills, the ever-changing scenarios ranging from thick forests, city relics, lush meadows to ice-clapped mountain rages are here, ready for gamers to marvel at.

Players will feel that they are actually living in the story and playing an active role in guarding the security of the fictional world, thus able to truly get an experience of heroism.

Get ready to explore the den of nine dragons in this persistent world!

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