Champions Online

Champions Online
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Cryptic Studios, Inc
  • Genre:  MMORPG
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Fight as a super hero against the villains and save humanity from the terrible threats. You create your own superhero and use your powers in the fight.

For generations, the courageous men and women were present to protect the world from being attacked by the hideous enemies who threaten human being’s peace and security.

Today, organizations such as VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use both superpowers and super-efficient technology in their nefarious plots to rule the world. Creatures from outer space and other universe seek to enslave humanity. The dark powers of the dreaded Takofanes have extraordinary power. The genius scientist Teleios is about to create an army of clones and super-powerful machines that will be under his command, while the robot Mechanon conspires to remove all organic life on earth. All is possible in F2P Champions Online.

With more and more subscribtion mmorpgs (Lord of the Rings Online, EverQuest 2) going free to play, more and more games such as Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth, Battlefield Online and HOMM follow the lead.

Based on the popular pen & paper RPG Champions, the online multiplayer role-playing game Champions Online is one of the few representatives of its genre that have a long lasting market and even the free to play mmo version of Champions Online remain unshakable and become even more robust as time goes by,  by far the most attractive among MMORPG, PC and console games.

In Champions Online, you create your own character, which can be uniquely customized thanks to countless opportunities and appearance options, making several million combinations possible and guaranteeing all other super heroes unique.

The demo of Champions Online has been released on Steam, so you can play this best mmo on Steam and what is necessary is an active Steam account. However, for the users of the demo, the level cap is limited to the specific character level 15. While the free MMORPG Champions Online takes you to confront the various challenges together with fellow heroes who do not need to spend any cent. With your superhero team you have against your most powerful enemies, agreeable and satisfying.

You have always dreamed of supernatural forces? In the client mmo game Champions Online, depending on your victory over the evil, you will be rewarded with many different garments. As a superhero of course it is up to you to defeat the aliens, giant monsters and arch-enemies. In Champions Online, you will encounter various villains that threaten humanity. Doctor Destroyer, and the Lemurian Mechanon forge malicious plans, you must prevent the super hero. Holding in Champions Online, the threats to humanity!

As a superhero you pull through the world in client Game Champions Online and fight against your enemies. you fight every single enemy in a different way, because each has unique abilities and combat specialties. Only with brains and skill, you can defeat your enemies.

There are many locations – from deserts to the icy plains of Canada – with more and more challenges, it is important to do some minions of the underworld and quests (such as finding lost documents). A tutorial makes us familiar with the essential basics. As usual in games of this genre, we can create an editor with our own super heroes. There are countless opportunities to equip itself visually, very diverse characters with laser swords, fireballs or psychic abilities (mind control, etc.). From the player base, the online adventure Champions Online was initially received with lively interest. Console versions are planned, but apparently not. The idea of an Xbox 360 version was even abandoned.

Your people pin their only hope on you! Are you ready to take up arms to defend your home?

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