Age of Titan

Age of Titan
  • Release Date:  2011 (In development)
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  IGG
  • Genre:  MMO, Action, RPG
  • Rating Score

Go back to Ancient civilizations – Greece, Scandinavia, Maya, Egypt, and China, experience the new gaming system artifact quenching system, and touch on the fantasy segments in the Ancient Chinese legends.

The free 3D MMROPG Age of Tian is an upcoming title from China-based IGG that is known for making top notch quality graphics and crappy gameplay for mmos. Perhaps China-based IGG got news that Blizzard would roll out a new mmo project in the future when the Blizzard product slate leaked. No wonder a China gaming company is rushing to make its debut using Titan.

In a Chinese press release, IGG said its new mmo Age of Tian bears the similarity with Blizzard’s upcoming diablo 3, which is expected to launch in 2012.

However, Chinese MMORPG means Chinese MMORPG.  I just quote from a player of Perfect World: “Why Chinese MMORPG always has the Top class graphics on its frontpage? But when it comes to the actual play, it really sucks and even it is not worth a second of your life.”

Chinese MMO publishers are almost the same as they try to copy the game from each other, no copyright infringement, no sense of responsibility to operate a game, no innovation and no whatever you thought is good.

As a player, I was always looking forward to Chinese MMORPGs coming to front, but unfortunately, they all make you disappointed.

Tales of Fantasy, Perfect World International, Legend of Martial Arts, Zentia, which is worth a minute? None of them. Save your time and play a mini flash game. You will feel endlessly lost in immersing yourself into the Chinese “Brotherhood-themed” MMORPG.

IGG said Age of Titan is like Bizzard’s Diablo. All Right! You managed to put you in the Right position of being ashamed and humiliated bitterly. Players will not looking forward to your game that should be tossed into dust ages ago.

By the way, there is a free mmo called Moonlight Online that is also being developed and the latest beta version of Dreamland Online is something like a side-scrolling grave.

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2 Comments on Age of Titan


  1. the game isn’t bad its actually a nice game.., easy to play nice graphics game controls the best better than most american made mmo’s, this is a game where in kids and their parents can play together, which is more than what i can say about american mmo’s, no team play no strategy. american games suck now more, i would prefer games made in japan europe russian china and korea rather than US made titles… they just do the same theme over and over kinda boring no inovation in game story line


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